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Optimize your community management with features built specifically for Community Association Management

With ManageCasa’s mobile-friendly, intuitive, interactive and automated community association management software, self-managed HOAs or community managers can efficiently charge and collect owner dues, track violations, review architectural applications, manage board member approvals, share documents, communicate efficiently and more. Stay efficient on a platform that has been developed with community association management needs in mind.

  • HOA (Home Owner Association)

  • COA (Condominium Owner Association)

Managing COAs and HOAs efficiently requires a software that keeps all of your tasks organized and transparent. Reduce your workload so that you can concentrate on managing your community association(s) more efficiently.

Community Association Software Features

  • Collect Dues Online

    Reduce the time spent handling paper checks, manual data entry and reconciling assessment charges, while streamlining the payment process for both homeowners and residents. Read more about online payments

    Bonus 1 : Smartly automates the creation of transaction records in the accounting module based on your customized setup.
    Bonus 2: Pay zero in merchant processing fees by passing through fees to property owners with our powerful configurator.
    Bonus 3: Owners can set up auto-pay and never have to worry about late payments again.

  • Easily manage your properties or units

    Add an unlimited amount of users to your account to manage all properties and units. Store contact information, rental status and keep emergency contacts all up to date. Maintain a thorough record of all important information and payment history in one place.

  • Manage your owners and residents

    Manage owner and resident data securely. Grant owners portal access and allow them to view their account history. Share documents 24/7 with all stakeholders via the owner portal. Read more about owner portals

  • Powerful Global Search

    ManageCasa offers a powerful global search across all your contacts, properties, communities and more. Data, filters, custom fields and relationships allow for robust filtering and focused search results.

  • Association Reports

    Create and share your reports with the board and with the entire community of homeowners conveniently through the app.

  • Online Maintenance & Work Orders

    Report, collaborate on, and resolve maintenance issues efficiently and assign work orders to your in-house handyman or service pro quickly. Send and receive bills for easy payment through ManageCasa.

  • Track & Resolve Violations

    Record, track, manage and report violations for discussion amongst board members. Communicate effectively with homeowners to get issues resolved.

  • Robust Accounting Made Simple

    Our easy-to-use, robust HOA accounting module allows you to automatically charge owners and residents for their assessment dues, collect payments online and reconcile them with your bank account. Automate late fees, create reports that are uniquely accessible to board members and easily share other reports with homeowners. Read more about accounting

  • Financial Reports

    Generate real-time financial reports like Budget vs Actuals, Balance Sheet or P&L (and many more) and easily share them with your board or owners through the portals. Find dozens of templated reports plus the ability to run custom reports from everywhere in real-time.

  • Create budgets and track actuals

    Easily create a budget to forecast income and expenses for your community(ies). Copy data from previous fiscal years and/or other communities to save time. View charts and reports to compare your budget against actual results. Sync your budget with your customized Chart of Accounts.

  • Communicate via email and text

    Use our context based messaging service within ManageCasa to communicate with all your owners and residents at once, individually or if needed, contextually related to documents, reports or violation and architectural requests. Customize your own email templates with your own branding.

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  • Share Community Documents

    Keep all Documents organized in files with or without the use of folders and associate them to properties or associations. Share important documents easily with your board, individuals or the entire community at once or simply keep them private. Improve correspondence with homeowners easily through the application and allow for collaboration like never before.

  • Maintenance, Architectural Requests and Violations

    Take advantage of ManageCasa’s ticketing system to receive maintenance requests, architectural inquiries or track violations. You can easily assign tickets to someone for review and resolution. The communication is tracked within the ticket in the application so that nothing gets lost.

  • Build Strong Community Relationships

    Each homeowner receives their own portal to access community documents, pay owner dues, and access community-wide communication. Homeowners can also communicate one-on-one with your board about private matters.

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“For our community managers that are managing multiple associations in different locations, having access to all of their data from a mobile device has been key. ManageCasa’s mobile- friendly application allows them to do their best work from any place they are.”
Erica Schuster Community Association Manager

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