Community Associations are managed more efficiently on ManageCasa

Accomplish all your association’s goals with one single software platform by utilizing ManageCasa’s tools for association management.

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Using ManageCasa

Optimize your community management with features built specifically for Association Management

With ManageCasa’s mobile-friendly, intuitive, interactive and automated community association management software, community managers can efficiently charge and collect owner dues, track violations, review architectural applications, manage board member approvals and more. Stay efficient on a platform that has been developed with community association management needs in mind.

Managing COAs and HOAs efficiently requires a software that keeps all of your tasks organized and transparent. Reduce your workload so that you can concentrate on managing your community more efficiently.

  • Online Due Payments

    Reduce the time spent handling paper checks, manual data entry and reconciling owner dues while streamlining the payment process for homeowners.

    Bonus: Automatically creates transaction records in the accounting module based on homeowner terms saved.

  • Association Reports

    Create and share your reports with the board and with the entire community of homeowners conveniently through the app.

  • Online Maintenance & Work Orders

    Report, collaborate on, and resolve maintenance issues efficiently and assign work orders to your in-house handyman or service pro quickly. Send and receive bills for easy payment through ManageCasa.

  • Track & Resolve Violations

    Record, track, manage and report violations for discussion amongst board members. Communicate effectively with homeowners to get issues resolved.

  • Bookkeeping Management

    Charge owners their dues, collect rent, and reconcile payments. Automate late fees, create reports only accessible to board members and easily share reports with homeowners.

  • Share Community Documents

    Share documents like by-laws, meeting minutes and policies easily with community members. Improve correspondence with homeowners easily through the application and allow for collaboration like never before.

  • Build Strong Community Relationships

    Each homeowner receives their own portal to access community documents, pay owner dues, access community-wide communication. Homeowners can also communicate one-on-one with your board about private matters.

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"For our community managers that are managing multiple associations in different locations, having access to all of their data from a mobile device has been key. ManageCasa’s mobile- friendly application allows them to do their best work from any place they are."
Erica Schuster Landlord

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