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How to Make Working from Home more Enjoyable

10 Ways to Make Work at Home a Great Experience

The Corona Virus shutdown period is making big changes to how we all work. Tens of millions of people in the US, UK, Australia, Germany and Canada will be working at home.

Some of us revel in this change, while others will have trouble adjusting. This post offers insight into achieving the right mindset.

There are those who like working from home where they have a flexible, more casual environment. Others like the structure of a workplace along with the commute to the office. Regardless, change is upon us and remote work or work at home jobs will be more common (about 6% work at home in the US).

The Corona Virus Shutdown is forcing remote virtual work. This might create a permanent change in the workplace and it’s better to take a sunny perspective on your new remote work. You can reset your productivity and skills and create more value for your employer.

Corona Virus Shutdown

Yes, this Corona Virus Work Shutdown is a unique moment in the history of work around the world. Workplaces are being closed and employees told to go home and work from the comfort of their chairs.

With no preparation to work or study at home, many are about to experience frustration. Having worked from home for decades, I’ve been through the ups and downs and tackled each one of them. The biggest challenges to work at home aren’t physical. They are emotional and can interfere with work.

For workers and students with no laptops, desks, or even a quiet place to do work, they’ll have to find a way to be productive. And with no social stimulation and camaraderie, a few new remote workers will be folding like a cheap lawn chair.

Many like you will be going online to discover how to solve these work at home issues. We have 10 great ways to make it a great, career boosting experience.

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It’s All in Your Mindset

If you’re feeling stressed about the situation, and already feeling lonely, disconnected, and uninspired, you can change how you view your circumstance. If you’re feeling stuck, it’s because you’re not looking at things the right way.

Remember that many people long for working at home, or from coffee shops and backyards. It’s an adventure for them and they thrive on it.

To understand how working at home is going to affect you in the next few weeks (maybe longer),  consider how your own personality pressures you. First thing is to take a time out and be good to yourself. There’s nothing wrong with you nor is there a reason to feel guilty about not liking it at first. You’ll be okay when you get going.

Stop Pressuring Yourself

For instance, if you’re a social type person who needs to talk and get feedback and reassurance from others frequently, or who needs to feel constantly connected, you can adjust. It’s important to calm yourself by realizing that this is likely a short term event and you’ll be socializing soon enough.

We all need a break from others. So be your own best friend, forget what you think others expect, and enjoy this growth experience.

Get up, walk, stretch, and use a back support.

You can create positive feelings by visualizing yourself getting back with friends or coworkers later. And perhaps you’ll have some new ideas to share with them then. And there is always online streaming video where you can hold daily meetings. Your boss will likely be setting that up via Slack or even Facebook or other such software.

If you’re an ambitious driven type, you might not like this down phase in work productivity, performance, and results. I definitely fall into that category as do many entrepreneurs and ambitious types. However, work at home can allow some of us to very strategic and effective.

Benefits of a Corona Virus Work Shutdown

Corona Virus shutdown period gives us free time to explore new research, ideas, topics, and possibilities. We can read blogs and learn.  This can add much to later performance and that’s valuable to your company. Of course, your results won’t show up for some time, so you need to exercise patience!

10 Ways to Make Work at Home Great

Each of us has unique personal values and expectations. Despite that, there’s a few thing we can all do to make this shutdown, work at home experience go well.

  1. do your work in shorter blocks of time (working long hours straight might be productive at times, but you’ll burn out and start making mistakes)
  2. take breaks and go for a walk (yes, keep your social distance, but get out for a short walk, for movement, separation from your tasks, and breathe in fresh air.
  3. go easy on the snacks (putting on extra calories and consuming large amounts of caffeinated drinks will not go well)
  4. have conversations with your coworkers (talk online via FB about what you want, not just work. It’s the shared experience that keeps you relaxed, inspired and energized)
  5. don’t be depressed or worry about not seeing others (in a short while, you’ll be back at work or school so see this as a nice break for you to recompose yourself and get a fresh start)
  6. don’t surf on the web too much, and minimize time on Facebook or Instagram (these distractions make you lose focus, and you don’t have the workplace context to keep you focused)
  7. do your tough tasks first (you can warm up with something, but don’t leave the really tough stuff to later in the day)
  8. stand up, walk somewhere every hour (don’t sit for long periods because it cuts the blood off to your legs. Walking for a couple minutes helps recirculate)
  9. communicate to your boss what you’re up to (this helps you stay accountable to yourself and as a stay at home worker this is important. Log your work time).
  10. relax and enjoy the moment. Perhaps this is what scares most people about work at home — they can’t relax and enjoy the moment with whatever they’re doing.

If working at home seems like a death sentence, consider how lucky you are to have a job and be able to contribute. The glass is half full, and you can fill it up with positive thoughts. And these are realistic. Take pride in the next few weeks to do a good job, and experience your work and career development in a new way.

A Break in Routine Can be Very Good for You

These breaks in our work routine are often a gift from the heavens. Be grateful that your routine was broken for a bit.
And as a remote worker, breaks for walks, sports, and travel can recharge your batteries and make you better at what you do. Who cares how we improve? The point is to grow, mature and feel better about ourselves.

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