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Workflow Automation for Property Management

15 Practical Reasons to Automate Your Workflow

When property managers see their number of properties to service grow, they feel a pressing need to increase efficiency.

What worked when winging it every day, no longer does when you have 100 apartments and 175 houses to manage.

Multitasking property managers and staff must find ways to do more in less time, and save money while doing it. Workflow automation is a big part of the benefits package property managers are seeking today. They want to ease the multitasking and administrative tasks that plague them daily.

Most property managers don’t know exactly what workflow automation means, or what open API is, and don’t particularly care. They just want a system that takes the tedium and administration away because they are costly.

What You Can Automate Soon

We covered the benefits of property management automation previously but we’d like to discuss the topic in a more practical way today. On a practical basis, property managers can discover the full value of property management automation by doing a demo of automation software (e.g., Managecasa).

And workflow automation is a big part of the value proposition in property management software. The efficiency of property management software is essentially its workflow management power.

The elimination of time waste and service improvement is what is driving the biggest gains in profits for mid-sized property management companies.

Streamline Your Transactions and Save Time

Your workday and your staff’s workday is full of tasks, some needlessly complex and some predictable and repeated from beginning to end. While other tasks are chaotic with many unique inputs. This is what landlords and property managers want to be rid of.

The first type of tasks, those that have repeatable routines and transactions can be improved through workflow automation. This topic is becoming increasingly important in many industries, and as robots and AI begin to takeover work tasks. You can automate almost anything you feel comfortable with.

We’re Already Doing Automation?

A few managers might say “we’re not ready for workplace automation and AI.” However, if you’re using some basic property management software, there are tasks you’ve already automated.  ManageCasa can help you automate much more.

Many of the entries you make in your accounting software result in real-time auto-completion, verification and posting to the appropriate ledgers. If you’ve run financial reports, that’s automation too.  We just need to speed up this automation adoption and make our businesses profitable again.

Of course, not all tasks can be auto-completed. How many of your property management tasks are start and stop, where you wait for further inputs before taking the next step? You constantly wait for an overdue rent payment, or for a parts shipment to arrive, processing a lease and finding missing information, playing telephone tag with tenants, and more.

However, each step you need to take is actually part of an automated workflow process.

What Can You Automate Today?

  1. collecting tenant rent online (save time in receiving payments in your bank accounts)
  2. bookkeeping entries
  3. calls and appointments (automated scheduler)
  4. email autoresponder (provided in your property management software)
  5. creating maintenance tickets from tenants
  6. tenant communications email, text, telephone to text (good for deaf tenants)
  7. accounts payable and accounts receivable
  8. rent due reminders and late fees
  9. email subscriptions to news and blogs
  10. assign maintenance tickets to contractors
  11. units showings
  12. lease writing and revisions
  13. digital signatures
  14. lease renewals
  15. owner reports

The two top business workflow enhancements property managers seek right now are online automated rent payments and automated, double-entry accounting services. Those two offer huge time-saving benefits and allow them to provide better service to tenants and owners.

Check out the full features of ManageCasa’s property management accounting solution. Streamline your accounting, be more accurate and compliant, while making yourself more confident of your financial management.


Do a free trial of Managecasa and get your pressing questions about automation and property management software solutions answered.  There is no better way to spend your time.


Enjoy the power of automation with ManageCasa


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