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In this digital age, why do we still bother with shuffling through papers, contracts, important signed documents for our apartments, homes, and properties? These papers and folders easily get lost with each spring cleaning, reorganization, or new move. AbodeStory is the simple and fun way to manage your property.

Abode Story allows you to manage all home and property-related tasks, issues, lists, and documents digitally.
Create small communities of family members, tenants, property owners, and contractors. Connected on this platform, people in the community are able easily communicate with one another, and stay updated with any maintenance, news, or fixes for the property.
For example, the homeowner can locate a reliable contractor to fix the AC. AbodeStory can store all the receipts of payments and certificate records. The housemate is updated by going on this property’s AbodeStory’s profile, and finally the contractor and one of the housemates are able to set an appointment date.
AbodeStory allows managing and coordinating all property related activities on one profile to always accessible and documented. Never worry about loosing documents, forgetting phone numbers and maintenance dates when everything is now on your property’s AbodeStory profile. Get stated. It’s free

Property Management for the Landlords and Property Manager

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