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Who is the National Multifamily Housing Council?

June 23, 2023

The National Multifamily Housing Council

NMHC is one of the most prominent organizations in the property management industry.

As a major professional level association of multifamily housing professionals and service organizations, it’s membership is in the tens of thousands.

Multifamily housing is a big component of the overall real estate market often dominated by large, enterprise-level investment firms and large property management companies.

What Does NMHC Do?

NMHC acts as a voice for the apartment and multifamily housing industry. It provides industry professionals and resources for research, and advocacy along with networking opportunities for landlords, property managers, and technology service providers.

NMHC participates actively as an advocate for public policy improvement for the multifamily housing industry which includes efforts to overcome government restrictions on zoning, development and construction of affordable apartments in the U.S.

NMHC helps its constituent members deal with government regulations, tax management, operations, affordability challenges, and respond to the evolving demands of managing apartments and buildings. Its many conferences and networking events help landlords, investors and governments learn more about creating a healthy, sustainable affordable housing supply.

OPTECH 2023 in Vegas

This November, NMHC will host its big annual conference and trade show in Las Vegas Nevada.

NMHC Conference and Expo Las Vegas, Nevada. Screenshot courtesy of NMHC.

We do hope you’ll register for the big event and make your travel plans. We’ll be there to meet ManageCasa customers, and speak with many new customers about our next-generation apartment management solution.

The Conference and Expo is called OPTECH (operations technologies) but the full value and agenda extends to many aspects of managing multifamily properties. Attendees hear speakers on hot trending topics, and are able to network with notable, experienced leaders in this sector.

This key conference coming later this year will help you take your operations and technology playbook to the next level in just three days, adding efficiencies and driving more value.

Learn more about the 2023 OPTECH conference now.

Research and Advisory Services

NHMC provides essential housing market data that investors and landlords rely on to understand current conditions in their city/state, anticipate trends, and make smart decisions.

When we talk about PropTech, it is the apartment sector where technology finds itself most applicable and valuable. From iOT to digital communications and payment systems, to ecology protection and energy optimization, to SaaS powered management systems, multifamily is most in need of efficiency.  And it’s the full value of tech efficiencies that make high level multifamily businesses feasible.

The multifamily housing sector has its unique demands and pain points, yet not all solutions work or aid in optimizing results for investors and managers. NMHC helps present viable solutions and provides a forum for evolution. Without NMHC’s help, the growing industry of property management would be like the wild west, with little standardization or willingness to cooperate among technology vendors.

Besides the hardware technology used in multifamily buildings today, it is the software (SaaS software) that is delivering the most services to multifamily landlords. Members and attendees learn a great deal about how to use the new SaaS property management software to their maximum benefit and create an edge in their local markets.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas at the Wynn Resort and Hotel for the convention. Make your travel plans now!


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