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What is the NAA Apartmentalize Conference and Expo?

What is NAA Apartmentalize?

Apartmentalize might be described as the most exciting business event of the year for landlords and rental property service firms.

The event is considered one of the big 4 annual conferences and trade shows in the real estate sector which includes the NARPM conference, NMHC OPTECH, and the REALTOR™ Conference.

The apartment industry is a huge and growing facet of the housing market. From management and building services to landlord apps to full business platforms for managing apartments, there will be more here than you’ll have time to see (see how to maximize your conference experiences).

The Apartmentalize 2023 Conference & Expo is organized by the National Apartment Association (NAA), which is an important governing and supportive body for the apartment rental industry.

The NAA 2023 conference will draw property management investors, asset managers, property managers, software developers, PropTech developers, landlords, and other professionals within the apartment management business. The 2022 event in San Diego last fall was an amazing experience, as was the 2019 event in Denver.

Big Demand Driving Interest in the Rental Apartment Sector

With the lack of supply in the single family housing sector, attention has shifted to the apartment and multifamily sector given it’s affordability and available units. With wages and employment strong and rents rising, the apartment sector is attracting a lot of attention in 2023.  It is in need of modernization to adopt next generation management solutions which is really the core purpose of the event.

We’ve exhibited many times at NAA’s big annual conference among many other trade shows and conferences.

The atmosphere of the Apartmentalize event is electric and is an experience your staff should enjoy at least once.  If you’re in the US Southwestern region, please do make your travel plans and buy your conference tickets soon.

It’s hard to beat the energy and spirit you’ll feel at the NAA Apartmentalize Conference. You may see more than 500 Exhibitors for the event in Atlanta, a huge and growing market for rental property.

Build Lasting Professional Connections

Attendees enjoy the opportunity to build connections, grow their knowledge, engage with other professionals on today’s property management challenges and trends and to celebrate your work and industry.

If socializing and connecting with some of the apartment management industry’s brightest minds, best educators, innovative contractors and suppliers, and leaders in using technology to manage rental properties professionally sounds good, you are wise to book your tickets and travel plans now.

If you use the web and industry portals frequently, you know they can’t possibly tell you all you need to know. The best experience in learning about industry trends, current challenges and threats, along with everything else, is in person. The professionals you meet are well connected and know the property management business.

Not to be outdone in presenting value to attendees are the many companies who exhibit at the show. ManageCasa is just one of the leading property management related service companies who will be in attendance at NAA Apartmentalize.

Meet Us in Person

You have some important important decisions about improving, optimizing and growing your business.  We’re ready for that conversation with you in Atlanta.

Just the experience of chatting with our talented staff and other industry pros will give you a better perspective on what you’ll need for the road ahead. It’s an investment in your business, and a smart one.

Here’s a few things you can discuss with us at the event:

  • dedicated property accounting system and its advantages
  • rent and accounting automation
  • data migration
  • data security
  • solution pricing
  • user training
  • customer service
  • next generation features and benefits
  • coordinating maintenance virtually
  • using syndicated vacancy listing and advertising
  • creating your company marketing website

Please take advantage of our special discount offer too!  We’ve got a great team of support and sales pros and we can’t wait for you to meet them.  Let’s meet at Apartmentalize in Atlanta and make 2023 the year your business modernized.

See our software’s features and compare our pricing sheet that show’s how we keep it affordable for you.


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