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8 Elements of High Quality Software

8 Elements of High Quality Software

There’s a lot written about software quality including international standards set for products (ISO).  Yet, most consumers don’t have a framework to help judge product quality.

Frequently, standards used to measure don’t factor in new technology or new business trends currently coming in.  Their ratings may not reflect what individual users need to achieve this year or 5 years ahead.  This is very important.

Let’s take a deeper look at software quality to help you identify the essential benefits.

Landlords and property managers who are considering switching to a new property management software solution have many questions about the quality of solutions available and whether they will endure. They’re wary of web reviews because we know they’re often paid and not legitimate.

A Brand Reputation for Product Excellence

Germany is well known for its precision manufacturing and adherence to quality guidelines. It helped the country gain a dominant reputation worldwide for engineering and manufacturing perfection.

Today, Germany still carries its powerful brand for precision engineering, quality control, and the pursuit of excellence. Automobile brands taken over by German automobile companies (BMW, Audi) in the past decade have seen the quality of their vehicles and auto parts improved greatly — thus reviving brands that were dying.

And in this last decade, with global economic expansion, more consumers were able to afford the higher cost of German made products. Germany has done very well in the past 10 years and they never seem to lose their brand power for precision engineering.

The point is that reputation for quality is a valuable thing, yet quality begins with design and ends with satisfaction.


Product quality refers to its ability to deliver needed benefits and adherence to performance expectations of users


How Do You Objectively Measure Quality in Software?

In Germany (and Switzerland), standards for digital Hausverwaltungssoftware are high. Yet software operates beyond the eyes and awareness of German rental property owners. How could they possibly know of the technical and design quality used in their property management platform and its effect on operations?

If major software brands have already brainwashed property managers about quality criteria, how can modern next generation property management software producers raise awareness and get property managers to trial a better solution?

The solution is obvious — through persistent communication of new benefits, including future profitability and portfolio growth. Much of those legacy solutions focus on the here and now, with limited functionality, for property managers clinging to the status quo.

But the status quo doesn’t last long. We’ve seen the changes the pandemic has brought to rental property management. Almost everything has gone remote, with remote management, communications, rent payments and tenant services and it’s not returning to the 2019 status quo. We’ve moved on.

Major Criteria for Quality Software in General

The 5 dimensions of high quality software are:

Modern – A user interface (UX) that is intuitive, simplified, and easy to learn, yet assists users in getting work done via any digital device.

Reliable – hosted on the cloud, constantly upgraded and monitored by company developers and quality control experts. Is free of bugs, has low latency and downtime, and doesn’t have annoying product limitations and interoperability issues with other software (Windows, Mac, apps).

Offers Extensive Services – cloud-powered components enables services for security, mobile access, communications, syndicated vacancy listing marketing, online payments, real-time reporting, commercial property, infinite scalability etc.

Meets or Exceeds Industry Standards – meets the new operational standards expected by governments and other partner software providers, and is ready to meet future standards and business needs.

Designed for your Industry  – Offers key operational service support including lease management, maintenance scheduling, remote inspections, vendor management, tenant screening, and dedicated property accounting software ( not off the shelf, SMB accounting software).

Quality Criteria in Modern Property Management Software

You’ll find any number of sites that rate software based on their criteria, yet these ratings may be skewed in favor of old, outdated operational and benefits standards.

For instance, a next generation property management software will allow managers to manage commercial property, retail property, and rental assets in unusual sectors such as marina boat slips. And it can allow property managers and landlords to extend services via digital amenities such as 5G networks. Modern tenants demand modern digital services. New services must be considered in any property management software rating system.

And another note regarding usage, reviews and trust factors. Just because the market leaders have a lot of customers doesn’t connote trust and loyalty. Their customers often resist change by sticking to the status quo. Status quo is the inverse of adopting new exciting, profit-generating capabilities, services which managers desperately need in this decade. At some point, the herd makes the decision to upgrade to a new solution.

With all this in mind, these criteria may be the ones that are increasingly important in your new property management platform:

  1. Simple User Dashboard (UX) – a well-designed interface lets users choose modules and complete tasks easily. Visual layout is easy to understand and lets you know you’ve accomplished your task. Property management staff dislike complex dashboards with little guidance from the software. New users can learn faster and get more done.
  2. Online Payment Services – for tenants, property managers and property owners – accepting rent, paying bills, accepting renovation and operating funds, and disbursing owner profits quickly and efficiently eases hard workloads. Software integrated with the world’s most respected payment processing solution is a key signal of property management software quality.

    Online Payments Platform.

    Online Payments Platform. Screenshot courtesy of Stripe Payment Solutions.

  3. Cloud-based Infrastructure – more solutions today are cloud-based, yet could be utilizing a private or hybrid cloud solution that doesn’t possess sufficient optimization. ManageCasa uses the leading cloud solution for business– Amazon and it has the financial power to use AI and its network to provide exceptional hosting and server optimization.
  4. Accounting Sophistication – most property management solutions have meager accounting capabilities. Given the importance of accounting and finance today in property management, ManageCasa’s sophisticated and full general ledger accounting module helps you confidently control your income and expenses with astonishing detail. You can integrate your property management company financials on one platform. It’s based on the latest accounting standards (cash flow or accrual) and is constantly upgraded to help you automate your transactions and access insight reports. These are keys to successful management and relations with owners who do not appreciate ambiguity or errors.
  5. Integrated Communications — With face-to-face interaction diminishing, communications between staff, tenants and contractors becomes fraught with misunderstandings, especially for large rental portfolios. Integrating responsive digital communications channels to keep everyone on the same page is vital. Poor communications is increasingly cited as an operations problem for managers. With mobile apps, tenant portals, and instant access to accounts, staff can resolve issues with more confidence and tenants feel more satisfied with service. Everyone’s on the same page.
  6. Maintenance Scheduling – conducting inspections, collecting condition data and photos, and arranging repair dates and times, and keeping everyone involved in sync is vitally important since delays and missed appointments can be expensive.
  7. Mobile Accessible – a platform that allows data and services can be fully and securely accessed via an internet connection on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.  This means managers are never out of touch and always in control. Site visits are more productive from inspections to collecting late rent, mobile managers want to keep on top in real time.
  8. Affordability – while companies have budgets, almost all solutions are cost-effective. Property management software is a bargain financially, so the real question is not about saving some money, but on the profit-building services it enables.


Take a tour of ManageCasa property management software. Learn the features that deliver real value for modern property managers who intend to stay in business and scale up their operations.

Speak to our products experts, demo our powerful platform and get your product quality questions answered.


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