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16 Vital Business Goals You Must Achieve

16 Vital Business Goals You Must Achieve

Every CEO and business manager has key goals. For most, goals are the whole point of being a senior manager and are likely an important part of your training. Hitting targets and showing improvement might be foremost in your mind.

Goals are important since research shows managers with clear goals tend to achieve more. Yet, wanting to hit goals and being able to hit them, are not a given. Something else is needed.

Past surveys of landlords and property managers revealed efficiency, growth and profitability were the top goals cited. A new goal of customer orientation and customer experience has suddenly jumped into the mix.  Have you paused to consider what is really meant and achieved via a few specific major goals?

You also have immediate goals such as reopening, reoccupying, collecting rent due, and so on. And then it’s onto your longer term goals of improving operations and increasing ROI. The point we want to make here, is that your top goals are actually the end result of all the other minor goals.

You need a system that makes these 16 goals listed below achievable while ensuring you get your major goals of profitability, efficiency and growth met.

Systems Might be More Important

Having a system is important. In fact, James Clear, the clear thinking Guru, makes a good point that winners and losers both have goals. He adds that the blind pursuit of major goals can make you rigid and narrow sighted. He suggests you need a system that helps to move you forward and allows purposeful flexibility.

There’s an old saying that success is what happens on the way to your goals. There are a lot of variables and events which you can’t control, so the path meanders.  That meandering can confuse some leaders.  A good system gives you the confidence that you’re on course anyway. No worries.

A system provides a kind of GPS business navigation that will tell you where you are and what your progress is. And goals visualized and sought systematically/strategically are more likely to be achieved.

Business strategy is very complex and prone to error. To juggle all that today without a system is risky.

A modern property management platform is your “GPS goal navigation system.” It will definitely streamline your workload, inform you and get you to your destination. The big goals and actions are up to you however. The solution dashboard gives you clear, insightful view of all your key financial reports in real time. It also helps you pursue your goals flexibly.

Let’s Look at the 16 Goals you Really are Pursuing:

  1. maximizing rent revenues and optimizing ROI
  2. improving cash flow and streamlining online rent payment
  3. discovering new streams of revenue
  4. cutting property management and operating costs
  5. scaling up properties managed with ease
  6. improving the tenant experience
  7. streamlining maintenance procedures and results including property inspections, move-ins, move outs, and renos
  8. achieving top level data security requirements and meet the latest data security standards
  9. optimizing financial management — automate rent payments, expense receipts, fees, fines, deposits, and allocate to appropriate accounts (HOAs, buildings, owners) and generate accurate, real time, actionable reports
  10. generating actionable, in depth reports including balance sheets, income statements, cash flows, bank reconciliations, and transaction reports
  11. creating a secure, centralized dashboard for landlords, property managers, tenants, contractors and vendors
  12. simplifying and streamlining leasing documentation, rental applications, tenant screening and onboarding processes
  13. empowering staff capabilities with a professional level digital property management solution so they can get more done
  14. helping you set and achieve SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound) goals for your team to align with your company’s work plan and strategic plan, and monitor progress
  15. attracting and convincing new property owners who need to understand why you’re the best property manager
  16. helping you market your brand and publish vacancies quickly and effectively with broad exposure of your unique value proposition to high quality renters, along with well crafted listing information for rental applicants to attract the best renters

If you can achieve these 16 key goals, all under one property management solution that works for all parties, you’ve accomplished an important challenge. Who has time for fragmented services and apps for tenants, owners, managers or vendors?

With the ability to monitor both my property finances and my company finances within ManageCasa, for the first time I can track all transactions in one single tool and have profound insights into all of my financials.” — Erica Schuster, Property Manager

The Purpose of Great Software Is?

You’re likely a senior manager, asset manager, CEO, CFO, CIO or CMO and you’re looking for a platform to reliably manage your large portfolio of real estate assets. And ManageCasa is that kind of reliable technology. Trust, confidence, and power are key issues for you.

A key goal: Empower your staff. If work is going to be done, it’s your property management staff who will get it done.

ManageCasa is a user friendly solution with an amazingly simplified dashboard that’s a pleasure to work with every day. Work should be fun, and ManageCasa’s design is much appreciated by staff.

Heading into 2022, property managers, HOA managers and landlords are all trying to achieve a number of objectives such as higher yields, profitability, growth and reduced costs. Subconsciously, you actually expect to achieve much more.

ManageCasa makes expectations come true.

Book a Demo Today

To understand the unique differences of ManageCasa and see the workflow power, including automation, you need to test drive the platform. Booking a Demo is the smartest way to know if ManageCasa is the right match for you.

Secure, Cloud-Based with Advanced Capabilities

Choosing a better property management software might also be one of your top goals this year. Automation technology and cloud power will be an integral part of your success in 2022 and beyond.

Of course, each property management solution is different in design and services. A modern, cloud-based solution such as ManageCasa makes using it a breeze for your staff and offers incredible workflow power. ManageCasa is designed to do more of the work for you.

And ManageCasa’s automation cuts workloads, freeing up staff time, and allowing fewer staff to get more done.

Using ManageCasa we were able to increase our productivity by 30% in the small owner division. We are now rolling it out across the entire organization due to its superior interactivity and automation compared to our old solution.” — Josef Hernandez, Property Manager.

Better still, ManageCasa can help you with team training, team onboarding, live demos, staff training videos, on-site training, and your legacy data migration.

Contact the sales team now or book a demo. It’s definitely time well spent.


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