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Virtual Tours of Your Rentals

September 25, 2023

Virtual Tour Software for Landlords

Landlords in your region are presenting their vacancies and properties in the best light to get an edge on you.

Besides stronger marketing and promotion, they’re using 3D or video home tours to showcase their rentals online. It’s a trend to note given how it appeals to most renters today.

Online rental showings help you save valuable time and energy, and capture rental applicants who are more assured your unit is the one they need.

What Tenants Want — Time-Saving, Informative Virtual Tours

Your search and social media marketing can attract quite an interest in your rentals. Well-written listings, great photography, and the best listing websites are all part of a professional marketing and leasing effort.  Yet filtering and converting the best of them into renter applicants requires the type of visually engaging content they want to see.

And they want to see your vacant home, condo or apartment in its best light. Videos or animated rental home showing tours mimic a real, in-person home tour for a more natural experience online — without taking any of your valuable time!

The fact you’re using home showing technology communicates much to the prospective tenant too — that you’re modern, tech-savvy, and they’ll have the efficient landlord relationship they want.

High-quality home showing video tours may translate to a higher asking rent price. It suggests you may use other helpful technology (e.g., online payments and rental app) which increases the comfort and excitement factor for most renters today. They love this stuff!

What is a Video/3D Tour?

A virtual house or apartment showing tour, is an online presentation of a property that allows potential buyers or renters to explore and view the property online via video or through interactive 3D software applications.

The tour is designed to present the vacancy to the target renter profile and accentuate the key benefits/features they want, while indicating that everything else (the negatives) is okay.

The virtual tour’s purpose is to showcase quality and create a new tenant lead.

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10 Reasons to Use Rental Home Video Tours

In a nutshell, video and 3D presentations deliver the information and views that prospects need to justify further investigation.  Great videos and professionally written vacancy ads pave a path to a new tenant.  Video builds more trust for high-quality renters who don’t want to waste their time traveling for an in-person tour. Video means seeing is believing and it makes acquiring great tenants easier.

Benefits Smart Landlords Want:

  1. Wider Reach to Renters: Virtual tours can be accessed by potential tenants worldwide, via Google search, YouTube, and Facebook which expand your audience of eager tenants.
  2. Picture of Value:  Video suggests the property is desirable and worth it, thus perhaps enabling a higher rent price plus appealing to those who can pay a higher price.
  3. Time Efficiency: Landlords can conduct multiple virtual tours simultaneously, reducing the time and effort required for in-person showings, reducing time-wasting renter visits, and saving time for all renters in their rental search.
  4. Cost Savings: Virtual tours can save money on transportation, marketing materials, and potentially vacant periods when tenants are being shown the property.
  5. 24/7 Accessibility: Virtual tours can be available around the clock, accommodating the schedules of potential tenants who may have different time zones or work shifts.
  6. Enhanced Marketing: Offering virtual tours set your rentals apart in a competitive rental market and can attract higher-paying, tech-savvy tenants who appreciate this modern approach.
  7. Reduced Disturbance: landlords, property management staff, and current tenants are less inconvenienced since there are fewer in-person showings.
  8. Safety and Health: tours minimize physical contact and reduce the risk of spreading infections.
  9. Detailed Showcase: Virtual tours can provide a comprehensive and staged view of the property, including every room, closet, and amenity, allowing potential tenants to make more informed decisions.
  10. Engagement and Attraction: Interactive features in virtual tours can engage viewers, such as the ability to measure spaces, view floor plans, and ask questions through chat or messaging.
  11.  Time-Stamped Record: Virtual tours create a visual record of the property’s condition at the time of viewing, which can be useful in case of any disputes or questions later on.

By emphasizing key features that your targeted renter is focused on acquiring, you can weed out low-qualified renters.

It’s important to treat the rental home showing video tour as a lead generator, and not another “here’s our stuff” type marketing page. Along with your video home tour showing software, you need to showcase it the right way, for the right effect — to attract only, your ideal renter applicant.

Popular Landlord Rental Showing Video Tour Software


EyeSpy360 Video Tours are used for interior photos, aerial shots, a 3D tour, the 3D Model, and video walkthroughs.  The service subscription is priced at $19.50 per tour and includes 3D model, floor plan, teaser video, unlimited video calls & more. They require a 360-degree capable smartphone.

Eyespy Virtual Tour Software.

Eyespy Virtual Tour Software. Screenshot courtesy of


Matterport 3D Tours

This solution is for generating 3D tours of your rental interior and can allow measurements of each room.  The special software allows users to explore the unit/house as they wish. It requires a 360-degree enabled smartphone and plans start at $9.99 per month.

Matterport 3D Home Showing Tours.

Matterport 3D Home Showing Tours. Screenshot courtesy of


Kuula Video Tour Software

Kuula virtual tour software lets you use your 360-enabled mobile phone and create 360/3D tours for any of your rentals, including apartments, houses, student housing, marinas and commercial/retail units. A Proplan is $20 per month.

Affordable Virtual Rental Tours.

Affordable Virtual Rental Tours. Screenshot courtesy of


istaging Virtual Property Tour Sofware

istaging virtual Rental Tours. Capture & build your rental home and apartment virtual tours quick and easy with istaging’s powerful do-it-yourself VR Editor! Use your 360 enabled smarphone plus istaging’s kit ($50) to generate a unit walkthrough, then add a location, and embed the tour on your website for better visualization!

istaging virtual home tours.

istaging virtual home tours. Screenshot courtesy of


Cloud Pano Virtual Tour Software

CloudPano 360 Virtual Tour solution helps you create 360° virtual tours, then upload, connect, and publish a 360° immersive experience and host a 360º video chat call.

3D Virtual tour software.

3D Virtual tour software. Screenshot courtesy of


There’s little doubt that using video tours or 3D virtual tours will help you market your rental properties and boost your business brand.  Powerful marketing makes a difference in reaching your renter audience and making an impact.

Utilize rental unit tours with your ManageCasa Vacancy Syndication Service in your account. It’s the best way to reach a massive audience of well-qualified renters in your neighborhood and city.


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