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Is The Corona Virus Launching a Virtual Property Management Era?

Corona Virus, Work at Home, and Social Distancing

The spread of the Corona Virus in the US, Australia, UK, Canada is shaking up people’s daily routines. It’s not a pleasant topic, but the fallout from Covid 19 will put extra pressure on US and Canadian property managers in the next few weeks.

Workers are being sent home to work virtually. Many managers and workers have never worked virtually before. They’ll discover all the advantages in the coming weeks.

Landlords and property managers too are dealing with this tough situation. Are you seeing the advantages of virtual business and tenant services already? Will more at home workers put new pressures on property managers and building operations?

Will this latest cultural change in how we view and interact in public and at work become permanent? Already it’s affectings how management teams manage buildings, gymnasiums, sports stadiums, churches, malls, tourist venues, airlines, hotels, bars, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Controlling the Contagion

Being physically present 8 hours a day in a building or an office represents dangers to the health of managers, staff and tenants alike. Using the same washrooms, coffee machines, lunch rooms, and doors means there are lots of chances to catch a number of viruses. Sometimes, these threats can’t be physically eliminated.

Does this move us to the point where we need to change how we do property management?  As we discussed in a previous article on how to deal with Corona Virus threats, working online helps solve some issues.

As managers and contractors have to perform repairs in tenants units, answer tenant inquiries, or accept rent payments in the office, there is a greater chance of contracting the virus, or the flu or other health threats.

Our health is something we take for granted and we’re seeing that on a regular basis throughout the year, health threats are a factor.  Millions die from the flu every year. And any visit you make to your tenants or their units could be a health threat, especially for older managers.

Is Online Management Is a Wise Decision Going Forward?

Quite a few of you will begin to realize there are advantages to transitioning your business to a virtual property management company.  You’ve probably looked into it already.  It’s sad that this is what launches you to more efficient business. But aside from reducing risky contact, it can significantly lower your costs and put you on a better financial footing. Wary tenants might also prefer it too.

And within the current Corona Virus work slowdown, reducing costs and excessive workloads is a new priority. There will be a cash squeeze for the next 2 months.

8 Key Benefits of Taking Your Business Online

  1. avoiding face to face conversations
  2. reduces paperwork and filing
  3. streamlines your workload
  4. creates one dashboard for you to view all your properties
  5. real time reporting on all accounts and properties
  6. reduces time spent on travel and communications
  7. makes it easy for tenants to report issues
  8. makes it simple for tenants to automate rent payment

Whether you manage 5 properties or 500, efficiency is important. With a recession, you’re likely going to experience the first upswing in vacancies and perhaps evictions. Using online communications tools, you might be be able to help your tenants avoid a lease break or eviction.

The communications tools in ManageCasa property management software can help you communicate and calm tenants who might be having difficulty with their new work at home routine. How many workers will begin to work at home more frequently? What challenges will that place on your building operations and staff?

Check out ManageCasa and now discover how it can help you make the transition to Virtual property management.
Please use caution right as the Virus is spreading. The media may be hyping the Corona Virus threat, but dangers do exist.

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