Using the “Timeline” Feature for Your Properties

Whether you are a tenant, landlord, or property manager, AbodeStory will show you how and why our Timeline feature is useful yet easy. The Timeline feature provides a concise summary of all the activities for the property in one glance.

1. Access your property’s Timeline by selecting the property from your home, profile page.


2. After selecting the property you want to view the Timeline for,  you are brought to the Timeline page, where you can perform a number of actions, from viewing “Discussions”, “Tasks”, “Files”, as shown on the left hand menu, or Adding a Team Member. From this page, you have a shortcut in order to Start a Discussion or Add a Task.


3. Need to start a discussion regarding bike parking in the backyard or the rent being overdue? After you have clicked on “Add Discussion”, you are prompted to this page where you can enter a title for the discussion, a brief explanation, any files or photos to accompany the discussion, or even add relevant people to this discussion.


4. Perhaps you need to add a task for the cleaning schedule to another tenant in the same property. Use the “Add Task” feature. After you click into it, you will be prompted to this screen where you can add a task name, description, files or photos relevant to this task and set a due date for the task. If it is for a specific person, you can simple assign the task to them.


There you have it! A quick look at AbodeStory’s Timeline feature reveals how easy and quick property management can be. AbodeStory is your all-in-one tool for landlords, property managers, and tenants. Stay tuned for more as AbodeStory continues to roll out awesome features!

Property Management for the Landlords and Property Manager

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