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Tracking Maintenance Requests from Tenants

March 26, 2018

Save Time with Better Maintenance Tracking

A good portion of multifamily property manager’s daily work involves tracking and following through with maintenance requests.

From broken light switches, leaking water pipes and roof shingles, to cracked window glass and plugged kitchen sinks, it’s a certainty that tenants will launch a maintenance request. And it’s good that they do, because it’s a chance for you to keep them happy.

And it’s the way to ensure they don’t make the situation worse by trying to fix it themselves.

For instance, one tenant somehow let a plastic shopping bag touch the hot transparent glass door on a pot belly fireplace. The tenant informed the landlord/owner about the melted plastic stuck hard on the door.

It looked bad, yet the tenant made a request, and the landlord was able to clean it off properly. If the tenant had tried to scrape the hardened plastic off himself, it would have damaged the expensive custom, glass finish.

Automating Maintenance Requests Saves Time

If you have a lot of properties, you must field even more maintenance requests. Tracking repairs and maintenance requests from start to completion is a lot easier with a software products designed to make maintenance tickets a breeze.

It’s good for tenants and good for landlords.  Owners/investors too will enjoy seeing how well you manage the properties and their tenants. Our modern online property management software, ManageCasa has dashboard views and reporting you and the owners will love.

It’s simple for tenants to make a maintenance request via their laptop or smartphone

Maintenance Tracking Benefits for Landords

⦁ landlords get notified when tenants request maintenance or repairs
⦁ creates a central, official record of repairs, requests, estimates, notes, conversations, and photos related to a rental property
⦁ keeps conversations, sms texts, emails, and docs in one place for ready referal

Maintenance Tracking Benefits for Tenants

⦁ keeps all members of that household informed and not confused
⦁ makes it easy and time efficient for tenants to include pictures, provide accurate descriptions of the issue, and be able to follow up on the request process
⦁ lets tenants know that the request ticket was open and then resolved

Maintenance Requests X 100!

If you’ve got a stable of 100 rental units spread throughout your city or other cities, the maintenance requests and the conversation over each of them, including tenant questions, is a deluge of interactions.

Your phone calls to tenants can consume huge amounts of time and may create addtional issues when you begin playing phone tag. Tenants can talk your ear off too. Your tenants likely have smartphones, and surveys show they like using their phone apps. They’ll like the Managecasa app and how simple it is to use. It’s not going to get in the way of your communications with them.

Requests Are About Communication as Much as Fixing

One of the best features of ManageCasa property management software is it’s capacity for better tenant/landlord communications.

Good communication goes a long way to keeping tenant/landlord relations intact and flowing. Tenants expect landlords to respond fairly quickly to issues. If you can’t respond right away, you can at least let tenants know when you’ll be there, and let them give details and send you a photo from their smartphone. A picture is worth a thousand words.

The maintenance feature of the Managecasa software lets you manage your maintenance requests in a calm, orderly manner, collect the information/photos from tenants and arrange for a contractor to visit.
In the span of 30 minutes, you might have a week’s worth of maintenance requests taken care of. How sweet is it when your day goes smooth?

Contractors use the app too, and can respond quickly to appointments and ask questions if needed.

The key to the maintenance tracking feature is keeping you on top of everything and orchestrating an efficient resolution. This is what keeps tenants happy.

The Lasting Value of Proven, Modern Software

This is important: Managecasa is built using the most modern coding and platform architecture. Property Managers today expressly demand software that is up to date and which will not require reconfiguring, debugging, and all the rest that plagues old software and new startup software.

ManageCasa is new, but not that new. You’re getting software that works now and will keep working for a long time.

Choosing ManageCasa as your property management software is a smart choice. It’s dedicated to all your property management needs. Track your maintenance requests with ease, and eliminate your bottlenecks of maintenance tickets.

Take ManageCasa for a test drive now. You’ll see why simplicity is so powerful.

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