Hottest 4 US Property Markets of 2016

These are the hottest Four US property markets that you should be paying attention to. Provided by you by ManageCasa.


Denver: Denver has been and remains a favorite, especially amongst millennials. It shows in the statistics – a typical home found a buyer 10 days after it went to market. 10 days! Compare that to 47 days, the national average. Denver continues to see an increase in population and employment rate. 


Seattle: Seattle  metro housing prices have been shooting up faster than at the national pace. Landing housing offers has become extremely competitive in Seattle. In 2012, it took an average of 50 days to find a buyer. However, today, the average days a house finds a buyer is only eight. EIGHT! Some additional stats to wrap our minds around for Seattle are the percent of homes sold above list price: 56.3%! And the median sale price is $430,000. 

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Portland: Portland is currently one of the hottest markets, with many buyers from out-of-state competing with locals. At prices a fraction of the price in other markets, like San Francisco, buyers see huge potential investing in Portland, which is an still a growing city. Houses only see 8 days on the listings market before it is purchased. On average, the median price of a home is $337,000, with more than 50% of homes sold above list price. Compare that to 22%, the national average!


San Francisco: San Francisco remains in the top 10 of US property markets. It is home to a continually booming tech market, and as a hub of travelers, making hotel and office property sectors extremely favorable. While homes typically find a buyer in 19 days, the percent of homes sold above list price is at a whopping 68.3%, with $1,200,000 as the median sale price of a property!

(Source: Hottest housing markets of 2016 Redfin)

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