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6 Tips for Local Contractors to Leverage Free Marketing


Local Contractors are lifesavers, and often go in the extra mile in their jobs to make customers happy. Local contractors should receive the recognition as well, but with national contracting giants spending thousands on branding and marketing, it can be difficult for local contractors to compete with. AbodeStory brings local contractors tips for leveraging free marketing methods, thereby driving up numbers for their target audience and drawing in more customers.Property_manager-08Create a website

Creating a website for your business is the most basic, and highest priority thing you should do. There are many online platforms that make it simple to create your own free website in no time (see websites such as WordPress, Weebly, or Wix).

Property_manager-09Create an AbodeStory Profile

Sign up or log in to AbodeStory to create your small business’s profile. With everyone from tenants, property managers, and landowners on AbodeStory, you’ll be able to connect with people in need of your services right away. On AbodeStory, you can freely advertise your services, customer reviews, pictures and videos, and directly communicate with new customers.

Property_manager-11Start a Blog

A great blog will help drive in many viewers to your website, which means when people search for contractors in the area, your small business is likely to show up as a top result. Look for interesting, relevant blog tops related to ideas such as DIY projects, home decor tips, seasonal topics. Make sure you have a variety to tailor to a wide audience!

Property_manager-10Create and upload videos onto a Youtube Channel

Don’t underestimate the power of videos! Potential customers want to see process videos showing before and after, or simply tours of homes you have worked on. Alternatively, gather previous customers who are happy to film for a video testimonial. This will help your credibility and with customers’ trust in your business’ services.

Property_manager-12Attend Local Events

Local contractors have an advantage when it comes to being physically present in the area they service. Take advantage of neighborhood events to market through word of mouth and by talking to your community members. Is there an upcoming neighborhood fair? Make sure you set a up a booth, provide some delicious treats and also set up informational brochures and cards introducing your business. Use AbodeStory to post news about fairs or events you will be attending, and post events, connect with the people you just met through AbodeStory.

Property_manager-13Ask for Testimonials and Reviews

People trust people that other people trust. Documenting and showing testimonials and reviews from happy customers will help gain the trust of unsure, new customers. You can upload these onto AbodeStory, and when property managers, tenants or landlords are looking for a contractor, they will be able to see all your positive reviews!

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