Tips for Increasing Resident User Activity

Now that you have your account and property profile description, photos, and information completed, you’re probably excited about best utilizing AbodeStory account to improve your productivity and efficiency. However, some property managers may not have the easiest time convincing their residents and tenants to embrace the new technology, especially for the non millennial crowd. If that’s you, read on to learn about a few tips for gaining more traction on your AbodeStory account.

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Tip #1: Clear Benefits Outline

Providing brief, concrete list of Pros when getting on board with AbodeStory, and make that available to all residents by posting the information on bulletin boards, sending out informative e-mails, or passing out flyers.

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Tip #2: Provide Rewards

Tangible are great incentives for gaining customer traction. They can be as small as a $5 gift card to a local coffee shop for signing up.

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Tip #3: Partnerships

Partner with popular local charities or groups to spread the word. You are going to reach new audiences of an already establish group of potential customers if you target the right group. Market to these groups by doing something as simple as creating short informational sessions relevant on topics like property taxes or mortgages, and home ownerships v. rentals.

Tip #4: Engagement through Content

Increase website organic growth, thereby drawing a large potential customer base, through creating interesting, alluring content. One great example is the use of infographics; their bold colors and simple representation of interesting data figures has a certain appeal. With a higher volume of people on your website, your website will show up more readily on searches as well.

Tip #5: Simplify the Process

How many steps is it taking your current audience to engage with your website? Go through the engagement and sign-up process for yourself. Have you made it a one-click method or are potential customers jumping through any hurdles? Simplifying the process for your may increase the number of people signing up.

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