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The Power of Promotion in Property Management

August 29, 2023

Promotion Drives Marketing Success

Today, B2C and B2B customers face a barrage of ads, content, and messaging from thousands of sources.

Exhaustion and confusion keep them from engaging with any kind of marketing. Of course, this has been happening for decades now, but are marketing managers any further ahead in overcoming this barrier to generating new business?

Could promotion be the missing piece for reaching ideal landlords/owners for your property management service? It seems firms like yours may be too conservative when it comes to marketing and advertising.  This is an opportunity for your company to carve out a major increase in new clients and revenue. Let’s explore the real purpose and power of promotion.

Good Promotion Powers it All Up

You hear so many interpretations of promotion, some scholarly and some very specific. And there’s always a loudspeaker/horn image that suggests promotion is a single act of shouting messages. It’s as if customers are deaf!

They may be missing the real power of promotion — to assemble and focus your marketing mix and collateral at a specific time for maximum impact.


Promotion then amplifies the complete marketing effort, and without that, your service value proposition won’t register with owners/landlords/asset managers.


An event — everything, together, right now. You can see how that might make a difference in a noisy competitive marketplace.

If it’s done well, we might get over the hurdles of disinterest, laziness, complacency, fear, to take prospects directly to an experience of satisfaction (flightpath to Sold).

Where Events Get their Real Promotional Power

Promotions experts know how to fuse all the inputs together strategically for maximum impact.

Property management conferences, trade shows, and local seminars are a good example of a managed focal point. These events bring people, marketing messages and images, sales collateral, merchandise, entertainment, and immersive experiences together in the now to make impact.

The fact companies would invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a trade show display tells us these focal experiences are important. But they don’t succeed in a vacuum.

Promotions compact all marketing forces together to get attention, heighten emotions and engagement, and force clarity in prospect’s minds.   This process might be called a “flight path to Sold.”

Here’s what Promotion does for your Company:

  • provides a focus for all your marketing assets in the present with a prospect who is directly engaging with you (perhaps in person)
  • makes prospects pay attention to your service packages and remember them
  • makes customers pay attention to your unique value proposition
  • makes them feel something about your brand and services
  • builds a sense of urgency
  • makes them engage with you and your offering
  • makes them visualize satisfaction using your services
  • proves you’re sincere and want them as your customer
  • overcomes customer inertia, doubt, indifference and resistance
  • creates critical mass awareness which integrates all activities to make your company seem like a major business (trust, authority, capacity)
  • makes it easier for salespeople to close leads


Promotion brings it all together in focus right now for maximum impact. Without promotion, your brand and marketing kind of lays there flat on the ground. Your target audience deserves a more compelling experience than that.


Promotion: Creating your Leads

Let’s talk about the ways you can optimize your lead generation by adopting some unique and active promotional efforts to be your sales catalyst.

Unique, activating, compelling, irresistible, exciting, comfortable, epic, and utterly enjoyable is the picture that builds their interest.

And in your promotions, you should sell them like they’re already sold (flightpath to sold). They won’t need to think or try to visualize, and you don’t push or argue. You move them directly to relief, comfort and happy so they can move onto their next challenge.


13 Powerful Promotional Ideas

  1. hold a local property management workshop/seminar event — where landlords can meet to chat. Play up the interaction with landlords they haven’t met yet, and the local market insights and tips they’d like to have more of.
  2. create an epic meeting — invite landlords to property management expos and to meet you there. Share moments with speakers, vendors, and technologies and see their responses firsthand. Rent a meeting room at a hotel or recreation center, and promote the event on your website, via email and social media advertising. Powerful experiences = powerful excitement.
  3. move landlords into the present — by posting property news events every day on your social channels
  4. send them a customer case study of a successful adoption of your service mix — with a relevant testimonial from your current landlord and a current tenant
  5. offer a free property inspection and business consultation — with a report on elements you know they’re not doing well at
  6. create a Youtube video — that involves a visit to a real customer’s rental property where you highlight your performance improvements
  7. create a YouTube video of staff interaction — where they get to see your actual staff and you create transparency about your company and you — a personal greeting and trust builder.
  8. run a contest and offer a prize you know they will find useful — make it a unique, compelling prize that makes them pay attention (weekend getaway for a couple, with wine and cheese platter, and flowers for the spouse). Show generosity and make them feel you pamper your owner clients.
  9. offer an in-depth guide — on tenant screening, vacancy ad writing, and demonstrate on your online marketing website where you promote your current client’s units strongly
  10. make all your promotions highly visible — with the real message being that you will promote their business strongly too (truth in action)
  11. create a lead magnet – a gift/offer/benefit in the moment that makes them want to give you their email, name and phone number.
  12. send them well-timed emails and ask them when you can bring over some of your branded merchandise and gift cards, tech tools, etc, for a chat with them
  13. use retargeting ads — to keep your brand and message in front of them while they use Facebook, Linkedin, or Google.

Strategic timing of your promotional activities is the final point to make. Timing requires focus too.

Read more on promotion strategy and scheduling a promotion strategy.

Conclusion: It’s More than just Visibility to your Audience

It’s the focus to make a stronger impact, to surmount landlord’s inertia, and to dominate their attention away from your competitors. If you don’t wake them up and dazzle them, your marketing and sales register impact.

Your goal is to light a fire under them so they can’t sink back down and return to their slumber!  Landlords want change. They may be wishing for someone exciting and excellent to appear to make their business dreams come true.

Right now, learn more about ManageCasa’s customer marketing websites and about our appearances at major property management conferences. We’ll be in Las Vegas for the 2023 OPTECH technology conference and we’d enjoy speaking with you at our exhibition booth.


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