20 Best Apartment Renovations

February 15, 2024

Apartment Renovation Ideas If 2024 sees you losing tenants, you'll need to improve your renter value proposition to attract the quality you need to run your property business well. Enjoy these apartment redesign theme ideas and upgrade feature ideas to make your rental property seem awesome to your tenants. Tenants find it difficult to feel…

  • Landlord and Tenant Insurance Costs Going Up

    January 30, 2024

    Home, Landlord and Tenant's Insurance Costs Rising A report by SPG Global shows US residential insurance costs are rising quickly and contributing to rent price increases. States such as Texas, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, Oregon have seen significant insurance rate growth. An insurance.com report has it that Farmer's Insurance Company raised premiums 19.3% by…

  • It's Time to Migrate to Your Next Platform

    Migrating to a Better Platform is Easy The 5-year road ahead in property management is paved with technology. In fact, without the new SaaS/Cloud based solutions, the industry couldn't possibly thrive.  Pressures are mounting for small to mid-sized businesses to cut costs, scale up, improve service and more. Outdated desktop software (still in use today)…

  • Top 12 SummerTime Property Management Projects

    Summer Time Property Management Projects Summer is a distinct season for property managers and a time when a lot of big projects must get completed. Below we offer our list of 12 most important summer time projects which landlords should be focusing on. From renovations to repairs to inspecting and cleaning, property managers, maintenance crews…

  • Spring Maintenance for Rentals

    March 01, 2023

    Spring Property Maintenance Checklist Spring of 2023 is not far off! Maintenance staff are readying themselves for their spring schedule of fixes and repairs to keep assets in top condition. Owners feel good when their properties look good, serve tenants well and their property values are protected. Spring is a special part of your complete…

  • Home Inspection Tips

    March 31, 2022

    Time for Full Rental Home Inspection Before any real estate investor purchases a building, house, apartment or property of any kind, a thorough inspection from a qualified inspector is an absolute must. For rental property owners, the rental home or apartment must be kept safe. It's better for you the investor to know what hazards…

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