Exhilarating Adventure in Colorado 2019

Experience Colorado During the July 4th Celebration It's little wonder why Colorado is considered the best destination for tourists and recreational enthusiasts. The nature, recreation, tourist venues, and the incredible views for awestruck visitors on endless 14,000 foot mountains lends to Colorado's iconic status for epic adventure. A vacation to this region makes a lot…

  • Colorado Multifamily Real Estate Market

    June 09, 2019

    Multifamily Real Estate Boom in Denver As we reported in the Denver Colorado Housing market report, the opportunities for multifamily property buyers and property management companies remains positive in 2019. Denver is one of the hottest cities for multifamily real estate this year. Sales and listings are up and Denver rent prices are rising. Other favorable…

  • Denver Colorado Housing Market Report

    June 07, 2019

    Metro Denver's Housing Market Coming Alive Rebounding from 2018.  The 2019 housing market in Denver, Colorado is one of the hottest housing markets going, looking good for home buyers and apartment rental investors alike. All areas of the Denver housing and multifamily market are forecast to perform well this year. With Millennial renters and buyers making…

  • Property Management Tradeshows and Expos - Chicago!

    The Cooperator Expo Chicagoland The Chicagoland Cooperator Expo and Trade Show is just a few days away. It's a special event attended by exhibitors in many property managment sectors. You'll find service contractors, software solutions, realtors, telecommunications providers and other innovative companies eager to share their wealth of value for your business. And if you're…

  • Will 5G Wireless Revolutionize Multifamily?

    April 23, 2019

    5G is Coming to Multifamily We've talked previously about technology as amenity in multifamily and apartment development settings.  What underpins this rapid growth is called 5G cellular transmission. It's a transformative technology which heralds in a whole range of new digital services. To multifamily development owners and managers, it means a new era of business…

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