Toronto Rent Prices Dropping

Rent Prices Dropping in Toronto Few rental listings sites or MLS's were reporting decreasing rents through the early part of the Corona Virus shutdown. But that has changed as we hit the month of May. Forecasts for rents were for a 20% drop across Canada. Although that predictions looks to be on the high side, rent…

  • Toronto Rental Market

    May 09, 2020

    Toronto Condo and Apartment Rental Market Toronto's rental housing stock is in limited supply, and immigration, an improving economy, and slowed construction industry in 2020 means prices will rebound. The rental market in Toronto is seeing lower prices during the pandemic, but few believe it won't hop back up to 2019 price levels. Too much…

  • Airbnb and the Short Term Rental Boom

    Airbnb and the Short Term Rental Industry As Airbnb prepares for a likely IPO this year, a good number of property investors and property managers still disregard the burgeoning short term rental market's potential. Airbnb is moving the short term rental market and their marketing machine keeps building awareness in different segments. The company announced a…

  • PropTech Startups - Wework and Shared Office Workspace Market

    October 17, 2018

    Wework - Workspace for Rent Homebuyers aren't the only ones stressed today. Proptech startups, entrepreneurs, consultants and other businesses have their own housing crisis. A lack of affordable office space for small businesses is forcing many small business people including Realtors, property managers, landlords and others to work out of their own homes. While working…

  • Small Apartment Buildings are Disappearing

    July 13, 2018

    Drive to the Sky a Big Trend in Most Metros A quiet trend is hitting housing markets such as Vancouver, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Toronto, Miami, and other major metros. It's the growing development of monster sized condominium towers such as M City in Mississauga, The Avery in San Francisco, and Metropolis in Los…

  • Toronto Condo Prices - Toronto Apartment Price Trends Report 2018

    July 11, 2018

    Toronto Condo Market Growing with Rising Prices Toronto has retained its reputation as the most pricey market for buyers and renters in Canada. And it's becoming a tough market for landlords, property managers and investors after generating record returns in previous years. The June report published by the Toronto Real Estate Board shows sales dropping…

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