Overdue Rent - Getting Tenants to Pay

February 14, 2024

How to Get Renters to Pay Rent When tenants are consistently late paying rent or seemingly can't pay it, you're being on the spot. Politely encouraging tenants to pay is an important soft skill in 2024. Landlords are asking more about this problem and how to deal with it proactively and with a professional and…

  • HOA Automation

    Putting Your Association on AutoPilot? Automation has been the top buzzword in software for a long time and today it's the essence of SaaS association management software. I'm sure you'd agree that putting your business on autopilot is a wonderful dream. Was it ever written in stone that association management is just a daily grind?…

  • Single Family Property Ownership

    January 17, 2024

    Mastering Single-Family Rental Properties Single-family houses remain the gold standard for residential real estate investment. And after a difficult pandemic/high-interest rate period, resale houses are being put back on the market in 2024. The opportunity for SFR is growing. For small landlords, the single-family housing market is the one they're most enthusiastic about. Home values…

  • Apartmentalize Conference 2024 FAQs

    Apartmentalize FAQs What is Apartmentalize? Apartmentalize is the apartment rental industry's top trade show and convention. It features authorities, researchers, asset managers, apartment investors, property managers, landlords and technology and service providers who share their secrets on building a successful landlord business. The annual event is held at different times of the year in different…

  • How to Buy a Rental Property

    December 24, 2023

    Buying Rental Property 2024 is a brand new year for property investors looking to buy rental properties. Owning a new rental property is an exciting prospect, with its revenue and tax advantages for building personal wealth.  While corporate investors are planning to grab up any and all properties coming onto the market, you can compete…

  • Rental Photography for Vacancies

    August 21, 2023

    Better Photos for your Vacancy Listings Vacancy listing headings and photos are the first visuals rental seekers see, whether they're searching on Apartments.com, Zillow, Zumper or other syndicated listing websites. Renters are visual, and your listing can either make them book a viewing and speed up time to rent, or cause them to leave.  Renters aren't…

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