Virtual Leasing

January 18, 2021

Contactless Virtual Leasing Of the many interesting trends landlords and property managers will experience this year, contactless virtual leasing will likely be the most wanted. The leasing or renting process can be time-consuming for both landlords and tenants and dangerous to health. The average tenant travels to the rental unit 3 times before signing. During…

  • Apartment Management Tips

    January 10, 2020

    Quick Time Saving Tips for Apartment Managers It's 2020 and the best time to gear up for a great year in your business. From organizing your time to improving tenant relations and optimizing your apartment management techniques, there's plenty of ways a new apartment manager can improve their role and performance. And doesn't it seem…

  • Solving Landlord's Top Pain Points

    October 01, 2019

    Top Issues for SMB Property Landlords We should stop for a moment to appreciate how good landlords have been throughout the last century. They've been model business people with their hands-on approach in how they attract customers, create cash flow, resolve operations, financial and people issues, and turn a profit. They're good with people and…

  • Time Management for Property Managers

    Time Management for Property Managers Time is that one thing there's too little of. And while landlords and property managers have had a routine way of managing their daily tasks, it seems more and more is being loaded onto their desk. If you're struggling and getting frustrated in handling 5 to 20 properties, micromanaging incidents,…

  • SSO Single Sign on Services

    Login Password Nightmares Do you have a list of usernames and passwords for all the websites, apps, and services you use? Then you you know the pain, exhaustion and confusion that surrounds admin access. I can't count the number of times I've logged into the wrong Facebook, Twitter, or other service account and posted things…

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