Buy vs Rent Home | The Rent vs Buy Decision

January 20, 2020

Buy vs Rent? This year, hundreds of thousands of people will be using a rent vs buy calculator to help them decide whether to buy a home or rent one. The dream of having one's own home, building equity, and enjoying stability is alluring. Yet a number of factors can make owning a painful and risky…

  • Best Cities to Invest in Rental Property

    January 06, 2020

    Best Cities to Invest in Rental Property 2020 As we enter 2020, the housing markets are beginning to heat up. Some are rated very hot with rising prices supporting high rents.  Yet some have shown volatility and others have weak price to rent ratios. Migration, job growth, and economic prosperity in some surprising cities means…

  • Do Mobile Homes Have Higher Rental ROI?

    September 25, 2019

    Are Mobile Homes a Legit Rental Property Asset? Low availability and high rents are top issues for renters in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Toronto, Berlin, Sydney and London. During tough times, buyers/renters flock to cheaper mobile homes, yet during this long phase of low housing affordability, they are also hunting for rentable…

  • The Housing Affordability Crisis

    September 05, 2019

    Is The Affordability Crisis Someone Else's Problem? You've no doubt read news stories about renter payment default, or their rent is now up to 60% of their monthly income, or how well-employed workers are living on the streets. The reality might be even harder to comprehend. We're not going shy away from tough topics like…

  • Property Management Companies

    August 11, 2019

    What to Look for in a Good Property Management Company Property investors have enjoyed buying, owning and selling income investment properties during this phenomenal period of economic growth and prosperity. Some of you have built up a sizable portfolio of properties doing all on your own. And now you're looking for some help. We've offered…

  • New Renters: Which Cities and States are Drawing People?

    May 02, 2019

    Millennials Are on the Move New data shows Millennials are moving to new cities and states where the grass is greener. It's reshaping some rental markets and creating opportunity for multifamily owners and managers. While overall migration is at an all time low, Millennials face employment and cost of living pressures.  They're seeking greener pastures in…

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