Preventative Maintenance for Rental Properties

January 27, 2021

Reduce Your Maintenance Service Costs Who generates most of the wear and tear in your rental house or apartment?  It's your tenants, which is why they need to be part of your property maintenance program. Lowering maintenance and repair costs in your apartment or house rentals is in your tenant's hands. Reducing the source through…

  • Workflow Automation for Property Management

    15 Practical Reasons to Automate Your Workflow When property managers see their number of properties to service grow, they feel a pressing need to increase efficiency. What worked when winging it every day, no longer does when you have 100 apartments and 175 houses to manage. Multitasking property managers and staff must find ways to do…

  • 31 of the Best Landlord Apps

    October 16, 2020

    31 Handy Apps for Landlords & Property Managers A big selection of landlord apps, new property manager apps and other helpful real estate apps have hit the market just in time to help rental pros get through this tough pandemic era into 2021. Few could have foreseen the huge demand for landlord apps, yet the move…

  • How to Be An Awesome Landlord

    February 03, 2020

    20 Ways to Raise Your Awesome Factor Is the word awesome just some kids thing, or does it mean you really have become someone special? I think when someone says you're awesome, it means they think you're a cut better than the expected. Other than being professional and using the latest online landlord software, is…

  • Simplify Your Property Management Business

    October 28, 2019

    Focus on Convenience and Simplicity In almost every business sector, companies are looking to simplify products, processes and services. Within your real estate, investment or rental property management work, the volume and complexity of data, paperwork, and relationships are becoming your top issue. But how do you get untangled? The truth might be that simplicity…

  • Tenant Property Manager Communication

    Companies With Good Communication Increase ROI by 47% When we say good communication, what do we mean? And what is the value of good communication to a business's bottom line?  A study discovered a 47% increase in ROI for companies that optimize communications. Is poor communication a predictor of higher property management costs and lower…

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