16 Ways to Compete with Big Property Management Firms

How to Thrive up Against Big Companies As year 2022 comes to a close, the economy's direction is a concern for some business owners. Even if the government gets its policies right, and supports the economy, small property managers and landlords face the challenge of competing with large enterprise level competition. A few are finding…

  • Lease Renewal Strategy for Landlords

    November 04, 2022

    Easy Lease Renewals Rental property industry surveys have shown that attracting and retaining high quality renters is one of the top challenges among landlords and property managers. Tenant churn is likely to increase due to employment changes, high cost of rent and cost of living, and a desire for change after 3 years of Covid.…

  • Why One Property Management Company is Tops

    November 04, 2022

    What Creates a Market Leading Property Management Company? If you asked the average person, tenant, landlord, or real estate investor what makes a good property manager, you'd definitely receive a variety of responses -- from personal to professional. That's because everyone has a unique point of view. If you were to ask landlords who they…

  • Trends, Challenges, Goals & the Power of Automation

    October 07, 2022

    Trends, Challenges, Goals Good management is all about trends, challenges and goals --- topics covered in detail here on the ManageCasa blog. Readers enjoy exploring these topics and opening new avenues of success. Your questions for 2023 may be about how to respond to this new rental property market - and whether you're doing work…

  • Recession Proof your Property Management Business

    September 08, 2022

    Prepare for and Manage any Recessionary Threat Quite a few property management people feel rental property ownership and management is a recession proof business. That's a key attraction for property management startups. Rent prices tend not to fall much, cash flow is consistent, demand remains strong, housing supply is constrained by the governments (NIMBYs too),…

  • How To Cheer Up Your Tenants

    Cheer Up Your Tenants This Summer The 2022 summer season is not far off now.  Quite a few landlords and tenants have been through "H E double hockey sticks" and are in need of some mood-lifting fun, socialization, and adventure. These beautiful, warm months only happen once a year.  What's more appropriate than using some…

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