How to Evaluate Property Management Companies

September 07, 2023

Evaluating Property Management Companies Is your work becoming too much to manage? Do you want to improve service, maintenance and administration? When you face these challenges or want to grow your portfolio or by handling someone else's properties, you have to decide whether to manage it in-house and grow, or hire a property management company.…

  • Property Management Company Profit

    How to Improve Profit The latest Buildium survey and our own surveys reveal that landlords and property managers both want to improve profitability this year. And it seems they realize that profit will likely evolve through optimizing how they manage their properties rather than risking new investment. A Significant Challenge If you focus on profit,…

  • Starting a Full Time Property Management Business

    November 19, 2022

    A Property Management Company Startup? Before the Corona Virus pandemic, rental property owners were making money hand over fist and it was fueling a demand for property management companies. Now in 2023, the challenge is a little different. As rent yields begin to erode, landlords will be looking for their property managers to manage expertly…

  • Recession Proof your Property Management Business

    September 08, 2022

    Prepare for and Manage any Recessionary Threat Quite a few property management people feel rental property ownership and management is a recession proof business. That's a key attraction for property management startups. Rent prices tend not to fall much, cash flow is consistent, demand remains strong, housing supply is constrained by the governments (NIMBYs too),…

  • Property Management Company Marketing Budgets

    December 20, 2020

    Property Management Marketing Budget 2021 is just ahead.  And while property managers like yourself are what they should allot for their marketing management marketing budget. This epic post covers the importance of committing funds to marketing your property management firm.  With the right strategy and budget, your company could become the fresh, new market leader…

  • Stripe Online Payment System

    February 27, 2020

    Stripe Payment System Landlords are in need of better payment systems because of cash flow issues, tenant payment problems, slow bank transactions, fraud, lagging bank and accounting reconciliation, and a lack of real-time reporting. In a recent blog post, we listed online payment service providers who have systems which streamline the revenue collection process. Collecting your revenue,…

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