Property Management

Property Management In 2020, property management companies using cloud-based, property management software will be essential to help landlords maintain profit performance, meet regulation standards, optimize rent collection, keep tenants leased and manage those tenants well. Managers of property management companies are becoming aware that they themselves are key to driving profit and raising asset values. Whether…

  • Choosing an HOA Management Company

    July 08, 2020

    Choose the Right HOA Management Company Few people outside the property management industry understand the difference between HOA management and property management.  The difference for industry pros is pretty clear, but for newbies the distinction is sometimes difficult to make. Regardless of who owns the properties in a community(s), a homeowner's association must be set…

  • Personalizing Modern Property Management

    December 05, 2018

    Humanizing Property Management In recent posts we answered the questions, what do tenants want and also about what makes tenants happy. These are 2 extremely important questions. What questions have you asked as part of your business health checkup? There's one more key question: how do you personalize your relationship with tenants in the era…

  • Trends in Property Management

    November 26, 2018

    What's Trending in Property Management? What will 2021 have in store for your property management business? How about booming revenue, added staff, new property management software, fantastic new, high rise futuristic condos to manage? Here at ManageCasa, we know the future comes fast and anything is possible.  2021 is on our doorstep. A new number…

  • Simple Property Management Software

    Switch to Property Management Software That Fits Not all property management software fits the needs of todays diverse group of landlords, property managers, contractors, service maintenance firms, renovators, investors, owners, and tenants. Many express frustration with their solutions and many would like to switch to another property management solution. The fact you're reading this now suggests you…

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