Big Arctic Air Freeze Hitting the US

December 23, 2022

Big Freeze on the Way a Danger to Utility Pipes Are your rental property water pipes about to freeze? When will your power come back on? Even the Northeast US is now immersed on the biggest incursions of artic air in recent memory being called Storm Elliot. This Siberian-chilled Artic air swept across most of…

  • Property Maintenance Services

    July 04, 2022

    Vital Maintenance Services for Rental Properties Whether you're a single-family landlord, multifamily unit investor, or mixed-use property manager, professional maintenance service providers can contribute a great deal to asset value and profitability. A key task in property management is the provision of professional quality maintenance and that often involves hiring  contractors. Keeping customers leased, avoiding…

  • Best Appliances, Fixtures, Materials for Rental Properties

    Best Brands for Rental Properties As we enter the spring maintenance season, quite a few property managers will be tasked to repair, replace or upgrade everything from kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, to fixing toilets, pipes, roofs and windows that are leaking. All those maintenance, repairs and replacement expenses represent a continuous drain on your…

  • Spring Maintenance for Rentals

    March 01, 2021

    Spring Property Maintenance Checklist Spring 2022 is arriving soon! Soon we'll being doing our property inspection and maintenance work inside and outside rentals. Whether it is the duties and responsibility of the tenant or the landlord or property management company, property maintenance is important. Typically, spring sees the inspection and repair of roofs, siding, windows, yards,…

  • Property Management Maintenance Program

    August 26, 2019

    Management Success Paired with a Thoughtful Maintenance Program In the previous article, we recommended that property managers use a sample checklist to track progress and outcomes for property performances in different aspects.  Property maintenance is one of the most regular and important services to tenants. Thus, property managers should establish a maintenance program to create…

  • 8 Most Common Rental Problems and Repairs

    August 21, 2019

    8 Most Frequent Repairs As a landlord or property manager, unit repairs and maintenance requests are going to more costly than expected. Higher service contractor fees, and parts costs are likely cutting into your bottom line. Tenants aren't always at fault in these added costs however they can certainly be educated and perhaps manage these pesky…

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