Rental House Renovation

December 25, 2022

Tips for Renovating Your Rental House Considering renovating your rental property in 2023? It's right to give yourself some time to evaluate the potential and choose the renovations that will make a difference to renters and to your bottom line. Whether it's a fixer upper you've purchased or you just need to maintain your property…

  • Lease Renewal Strategy for Landlords

    November 04, 2022

    Easy Lease Renewals Rental property industry surveys have shown that attracting and retaining high quality renters is one of the top challenges among landlords and property managers. Tenant churn is likely to increase due to employment changes, high cost of rent and cost of living, and a desire for change after 3 years of Covid.…

  • How to Grow Profit Margins

    September 24, 2022

    Increase Profit Margins The purpose of any business including a property management business is to earn a good profit. It's the number one goal of property managers according to surveys and whether through efficiency, revenue increases or scaling up with new accounts, you'll find plenty of ways to make your business more profitable if you're…

  • Reinventing Property Management Companies

    July 15, 2022

    If You Could Reinvent Your Business A huge number of entrepreneurs plan to launch a property management startup in the next year. Not surprising given that rental property management is an exciting sector full of revenue possibilities. In fact, it is possible to be ineffective and still eke out a good living in rental property.…

  • Property Management Software Can Make A Difference

    How Can Property Management Software Help You? Are you a new landlord venturing into professional property management?  You're likely checking out which property management solutions are best but evaluating what it will do for you is a challenge. You've got your laundry list of tasks, results, issues, fears, hopes, conflicts and more that you want…

  • How To Create More Value for Owners

    January 10, 2022

    Improve Property Management Service Value Opportunities to build value present themselves continuously.  2023 won't be any different. Talk of lower rent prices, falling asset values, rent default and low affordability, falling new construction, staff shortages and higher wages, tax issues, rising financing costs, and more might deflate both property managers and landlords. Yet property management…

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