Rental Application Tips for Renters

November 04, 2022

Smart Renters Guide Sometimes in life, it's all about winning. 2nd place just doesn't cut it. And in the rental market, only one applicant will win the lease. It's a tough market for house and apartment renters of recent.  Low rental supply, too much competition, high utility bills, fast rising rent prices, unrealistic credit rating…

  • How to Write a Great Rental Lease

    June 14, 2021

    Tips for Writing a Custom Rental Agreement Renting out apartments, condos, or single family houses comes with significant risk. Tenants can balk on paying rent for any number of reasons, or damage the unit, or even sublet it without your knowledge. Your cashflow can be threatened and your ownership too could be lost. You may…

  • Landlord Issues: Death or Unit Abandonment

    December 12, 2019

    Expect Unexpected Circumstances at your Property As an apartment landlord, you may encounter unexpected circumstances such as unit abandonment, death and/or incarceration of one of your residents. In these cases, you may need to perform your best judgement while following property management policy and procedure in order to mitigate your risk and liability. Below are…

  • Landlord Risk and Liability Management

    November 27, 2019

    Landlord Risk Management Do you take time to consider the risk and liability that landlords or property managers face every day? There are some key responsibilities to know. And there are many reasons to be up on risk and liability including legal action, firing, danger to tenants, tenant safety, and potential big financial losses. The management…

  • Tenants and Building Safety

    September 23, 2019

    Get Your Tenant to Pay Attention to Building Safety While no one can guarantee an accident-free environment, it’s essential for property managers to enhance tenant’s and employee’s safety awareness. It’s also the property manager’s responsibility to minimize any potential risks, hazards, and injuries to both tenants and employees.  It's the property manager who must promote,…

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