Traditional vs Tech Enabled Property Management

Traditional vs Tech Enabled Property Management Landlords and property managers both have been laggards in adopting new technology. The reasons are many, ranging from complacence to a fear of more work. And with technology progressing so quickly, the thought of catching up might seem impossible to them. For landlords stuck in the routines of the…

  • What is the Best Type of Rental Property?

    June 11, 2023

    Best Types of Residential Rental Income Property to Buy Is there any time when buying rental income properties doesn't make sense? In many cities, for residents, buying is much less expensive than renting. And homes are scarce with owners staying put. We know lack of supply is persistent due to Millennials/Gen Z's forming families, immigration…

  • Strategy for Raising Rent Prices

    Raising Rent Prices for Better Portfolio Performance This topic of raising rent prices is a sensitive one for some renters, investors, government staff, economists, and landlords. Yet all rents must rise one way or another so everyone isn't going out of business. Most landlords want to ensure they get a reasonable return on their property…

  • Mid-Sized Property Management Solution

    March 05, 2023

    The Right Software for your Mid-Sized Firm Landlords today come in all sizes, varieties, and geographies while confronting a variety of business challenges. Yet, when their business grows into the mid-sized level, challenges mount and profitability grows so it makes for an interesting venture. Whether you want to grow or not, if you manage 200…

  • Accelerate Your Business Growth

    December 16, 2022

    Accelerating Through 2023 Now that we're leaving the Covid pandemic era after 3 years of tough business conditions, you might be looking to establish good goals, get tasks done, and find ways to grow. Perhaps you have a list of tasks to accomplish this year with a few brought forward from 2022. 2023 brings a…

  • Property Management Tips - How to Improve Results

    December 13, 2022

    "How to" Property Management Tips The business of rental property management is evolving. You'll need education and insight from many sources.  We'd like to think you'll enjoy our series of posts with plenty of valuable tips for landlords and property managers. And when we talk about property management, we are really talking about profit management.…

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