Humanizing Customer Service

January 23, 2024

Customer Service: A Key to Business Value While advancements in AI chatbot customer service help are notable in the consumer sector, there may be questions about the same for B2B customers. In all the hype about AI and automation in the last few years, it's assumed computers can deliver the easy process, subtle technical answers…

  • Moving From Quickbooks to Professional Property Accounting Software

    May 03, 2023

    Still Using QuickBooks for Rental Properties? A good number of landlords launch their rental property income business with simple management tools. QuickBooks® is one of the most popular entry level accounting software solutions, a much appreciated step up from spreadsheets. Yet for landlords and property managers growing beyond 50 properties, another big step up is…

  • Property Management Atlanta Georgia

    January 01, 2023

    Atlanta Property Management Given the laws against rent controls, rising rents, and the improving economy in Georgia, owning rental properties in Atlanta is a great way to invest for profit. Like most other US metro housing markets, Atlanta is hot. Yet owning rental properties and earning a profit aren't necessarily coincidental. In fact, as more…

  • How To Create More Value for Owners

    January 10, 2022

    Improve Property Management Service Value Opportunities to build value present themselves continuously.  2023 won't be any different. Talk of lower rent prices, falling asset values, rent default and low affordability, falling new construction, staff shortages and higher wages, tax issues, rising financing costs, and more might deflate both property managers and landlords. Yet property management…

  • Property Management Success

    Make Your Property Owners Feel Better Are your property owners complaining about your ability to manage more efficiently during the Corona Virus pandemic? Are they questioning your tenant retention and turnover reduction, rent collection skills, maintenance practices, or your fees? Perhaps their concern is with how their balance sheet looks and whether their properties have a…

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