Property Management Software Comparison

How ManageCasa Compares In 2020, the added weight of the Covid 19 pandemic is keeping property manager's more than busy.  More than ever, a modern, dedicated property management solution is a necessity. Keeping owners happy, completing maintenance, processing leases and documents, ensuring payments, helping staff learn new property management software, onboarding, and resolving tenant issues is…

  • How to Be An Awesome Landlord

    February 03, 2020

    20 Ways to Raise Your Awesome Factor Is the word awesome just some kids thing, or does it mean you really have become someone special? I think when someone says you're awesome, it means they think you're a cut better than the expected. Other than being professional and using the latest online landlord software, is…

  • How Property Management Companies Add Value to Property Assets

    October 02, 2019

    Probably Your Best Business Asset If you're a small to medium-sized rental property or real estate investment firm, you might believe that asset values are simply a byproduct of good asset selection, smart financing, and maximum rent yields alone. Yet with the growing amenities and services property owners are delivering with upscale properties today, the…

  • Move-Ins Done Professionally

    Move-in Process is a Relationship Building Starting Point In a previous article, we talked about the importance of implementing consistent screening policy during the leasing process. After you secure a qualified tenant, it's the landlord’s responsibility (or property manager) to schedule an appointment for lease signing, tenant orientation, building tour and unit inspection. It's essential…

  • New Generation of Property Managers Needed

    January 01, 2019

    Property Management, The Way Dad Did It Mom and pop real estate investors turned landlords and property managers are handing their property portfolio to their kids. It's a generational shift, yet their kids or grandkids or new recruits may not be ready, willing or able to assume the role. And property management companies are discovering…

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