Rent Prices City by City

February 06, 2024

USA Rent Prices City by City Zumper has released its latest rent price report (January 2024) and it shows rents continuing to flatten in most US cities. Rents in southern cities are falling while rising strongly in some Northern cities. Year over year, rent prices in Cleveland (+18.8%), Milwaukee (+17.9%), Columbus (+16.8%) and Chicago (+16.7%)…

  • California Rental Market Report

    January 25, 2024

    California Rental Market Report Although Florida and Texas may boast better weather and beaches than California, this state remains a magnet for newcomers of all kinds. With a population of around 40 million, it's a massive marketplace of homes, buildings, property, people and opportunities nestled in a diversified economy of farming, tourism, and technology. And…

  • 4th of July Celebrations

    Where to Celebrate your 4th of July Independence Day Every July 4th, the people of the United States get to celebrate the world's most magnificent country. It's more than sunshine, food and fireworks.  It's about people, American culture, food, music, games, and parades, each in the unique flavor of every US state and city from…

  • Property Management Companies in California

    Find A Great Property Manager in California Finding, vetting and signing a California property management company can be difficult in 2023. Many of them are booked with clients and unable to manage more. Many of these firms haven't adopted ultraefficient digital management systems, thus the bottleneck of landlords wanting affordable services. The search can be…

  • Work From Home

    November 25, 2020

    Opening Up to the Revenue Opportunities The Work from home trend which has swept the world will continue this year too. WFH as it's now called, is creating new opportunities for landlords to improve their profit and loss/ income statements. Property management companies and landlords themselves are switching to fully virtual management tools thus weening…

  • San Francisco Bay Area Apartment Rental Report

    October 11, 2020

    San Francisco Home Rental Prices The last two years were a big year of change for San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland the rest of the Bay Area. Rent prices have dropped from previous year's averages. As renters flee to Sacramento, Fresno, Bakersfield or cities in other states, Bay area landlords are left to deal with…

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