Overdue Rent - Getting Tenants to Pay

February 14, 2024

How to Get Renters to Pay Rent When tenants are consistently late paying rent or seemingly can't pay it, you're being on the spot. Politely encouraging tenants to pay is an important soft skill in 2024. Landlords are asking more about this problem and how to deal with it proactively and with a professional and…

  • Rent Prices City by City

    February 06, 2024

    USA Rent Prices City by City Zumper has released its latest rent price report (January 2024) and it shows rents continuing to flatten in most US cities. Rents in southern cities are falling while rising strongly in some Northern cities. Year over year, rent prices in Cleveland (+18.8%), Milwaukee (+17.9%), Columbus (+16.8%) and Chicago (+16.7%)…

  • Get the Most from Trade Shows

    Get the Most from Conferences and Trade Shows Attending a trade show or conference soon? That's excellent, and since you're serious about your career and business, you may want to get the maximum benefit from your visit. And there's the new contacts, and business boosting products, services and advice you'll be learning of. Spend the…

  • The Trend to Multifamily Rental Properties

    March 17, 2023

    Investigating Growth via Multifamily Properties Many investors start out in the single family sector and then transition into the multifamily sector. This often evolves from success, management capacity, or economies of scale. And today, growth in multifamily construction, lack of houses, market trends, and the modern amenities which renters are demanding means multifamily is entering…

  • New Jersey Housing and Rental Market

    March 13, 2023

    New Jersey Residential Real Estate Market 2023 New reports show New Jersey may be the leading rental market in the USA for price and  demand. NJ's proximity to metro NYC and Philadelphia elevates the interest in its residential real estate stock, and consequently for available rental housing in its many small to medium-sized cities. Are…

  • Property Management Conferences and Expos 2024: Dates, Cities, Sessions

    Property Management Conferences, Trade Shows & Expos Looking Ahead to 2024's Conferences! Property management conferences offer us an interesting mix of learning and networking experiences. 2024, the year of the market turnaround will give vendors more opportunity to present the value of their technology and innovation. Below you'll find a full list of 2024 events…

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