HOA Management Companies are Adjusting

March 10, 2021

How Homeowners Association Managers are Adjusting Covid 19 has impacted the real estate industry. From apartment landlords to retail/office property investors, all have had to be quick on their feet to save their investments. Everyone is battling a troubled renter market. Yet the pandemic hasn't hurt the HOA sector as much as it did the…

  • US Rental Occupancy Rate Trends

    May 21, 2019

    Apartment Rental Occupancy Rates Multifamily investors and property managers must manage well to avoid vacant units.  The hit to profitability is high. As our property management expert says about the matter of occupancy: "1 month of vacancy is 8.3 percent vacancy rate....most deals are underwritten and analysed at far less than this...5% or even 3%...it…

  • Multifamily Developments in Colorado

    New Multifamily Projects Underway in Colorado We're taking a break from a focus on property management software, with a closer look at growth markets in multifamily developments and multifamily investment opportunities in Denver, Fort Collins, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Boulder, Colorado. The multifamily real estate market in Colorado is garnering more attention in 2019. The economy…

  • 2019 New Apartment Construction Deliveries

    2019 Key Year for New Construction Recent housing market data tells us home buying is well down this winter. Yet for the multifamily sector, 2019 is a big year. For rental property owners and property managers, the high growth in construction projects means plenty of opportunity, and a changing marketplace. Due to low affordability most…

  • New Condominium Developments in San Diego

    March 10, 2018

    New Opportunities for Renters and Property Investors We thought we'd look outward in a series of new posts on new condominium development projects that are filling the need for more housing, as well as creating new rental investment income properties.  We'll get around to covering many of the best cities for property investment. While any…

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