Your Upcoming Trip to Vegas!

In Person in Vegas! Picture yourself taking a rejuvenating break in exciting Las Vegas, Nevada in a wonderful time of the year. The fall months are enjoyable in Vegas and the nightlife makes it an exciting vacation spot. That's why Las Vegas hosts many of the world's largest conventions and trade shows. This coming November…

  • HOA Management Challenges

    April 07, 2023

    2023 HOA Management Challenges The set of challenges that homeowner association boards and management staff contend with every year does change. Economies change, regulations and technology change, and new associations form. These changes really reflect what's going on in the property management industry. We all get caught up in the clutter of work responsibilities, forgetting…

  • How to Manage Property Management Staff

    January 25, 2023

    Improve Staff Performance Our recent Linkedin survey revealed a surprise about property management staff performance. 70% of respondents said the company's performance issues could be solved through more skilled staff. Of all the possible factors for lower performance, they seemed to suggest their employees are a lag on their quest for better performance in 2023.…

  • Pre Selling Your Vacancies

    January 12, 2021

    Sign More Apartment Leases with Pre-Suasion Given how difficult it is for apartment managers to fill apartment vacancies during the pandemic, especially in downtown regions, you might enjoy a little lift in leasing success. A recent article from NAA offers an interesting angle to increase apartment lease signings. They've dubbed it pre-suasion -- the conditioning…

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