Tenant Onboarding Guide

March 22, 2022

Onboarding New Tenants This year, given the work from home trend, increased migration, and rising rent prices, tenant churn might be on the rise. It's likely you'll be welcoming new tenants. And you may have your own thoughts and impressions about tenant churn, sometimes good (bad tenants leave), sometimes not so good (losing good tenants).…

  • Property Management Companies

    Find a Great Property Management Company When landlords find their daily workload has become too much to bear, they have two choices: 1. bring more staff and grow the business in order to make the workload manageable or 2. hire a property management company and outsource everything. Most landlords have staff on payroll already however…

  • Generate New Property Management Leads

    February 17, 2022

    Use ManageCasa to Create More Owner Leads Recent surveys show lead generation and new clients are a big priority this year for property management companies. Do you have an active strategy for capturing them via online channels? ManageCasa may have all you need to get in front of quality landlords and investors to present your…

  • 12 Good Ways to Reduce your Property Management Costs

    January 01, 2022

    Manage Your Costs and Expenses Every winter season, landlords and property managers both look to cut costs and minimize repairs. For good reason too. While rent prices are rising and rent payment default is easing in the post pandemic period, costs have to be addressed.  Whether it's labor, and product, supplies and materials shortages or…

  • Property Management Software Comparison

    How ManageCasa Compares Is your property management software really giving you the business advantage you need? Are you better off now than you were 2 years ago? Too often business pros keep a solution out of habit, not because it's really working for them. And since property management software is so foundational, your solution needs…

  • Meet Your Technology Provider!

    October 12, 2021

    The Ideal Time to Discuss Your Business Every year, ManageCasa's key executives and staff travel to property management conventions and other industry events across the USA. It's not just a fun or relaxing social time. We do serious business! At each event, we get to meet and help landlords and property managers from big or…

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