6 Simple Steps to Use Linkedin for Property Management Leads

May 04, 2023

Build More B2B Leads via Linkedin® Is your property management business not getting the new client leads you need? Are you leveraging the right tools and methods of connecting to ideal landlords and investors? Quite a few people in the property management industry don't realize that they themselves — their professional presence and profile, is…

  • Software Solutions for Community Associations

    Helping Community Associations Thrive Are you operating or working within a community association that is burdened by member complaints, poor work tools, service delays, rising threats and risks, inadequate budgets, and low morale? There are plenty of doubts about whether many associations are thriving and whether they're accessing the right management tools. Let's take a…

  • Capture Landlord Owner Leads

    January 10, 2023

    Need New Landlord Clients? Discovery online. Isn't it amazing when we get found and create a new customer? And landlords and property investors use the web much like you do. They search and they surf. And sometimes they find your website. They might find your business directly by typing in "property management companies" or "property…

  • What is Property Management?

    December 07, 2022

    A New Definition of Property Management With the pandemic ending, we may enjoy a much brighter outlook for the business of rental property management in 2023. Yet, that is a prediction, perhaps even a description of the market and the opportunity for rental owners and managers. Without realizing it, we allow news stories and opinions…

  • Is Property Management A Great Career?

    Will a Property Management Career Give you what you Need? There are millions of people wondering about changing careers, especially after the pandemic altered the employment landscape. The Great Resignation trend gave everyone pause to think about their jobs, careers and future direction. And the GenZ and Millennial generations moving into the adult/mid life period…

  • 10 Ways to Build a Powerful Marketing System

    May 16, 2022

    10 Ways to Create a Powerful Marketing System for Property Managers Crisis brings opportunity. With economic and business changes this year pressuring landlords, some may seek a new business focus, and look for new providers and new solutions. If you broaden your exposure online and offline, your best landlord client accounts may be just ahead.…

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