Great Rental Experiences

December 20, 2021

How to Create the Best Rental Experience Possible The rental property business is looking very bright for 2022. Supply is tight and the economy will recover.  And as the last vestiges of the lingering pandemic disappear, renters may look for fresh accommodations whether the current living situation is stale or not. Renters have been cooped…

  • How To Choose the Best Tenants

    December 03, 2021

    Choosing Great Tenants is Wise Many small to large scale landlords might agree that tenant quality is the lifeblood of most rental property investment strategies. Yet many of you may not have a thorough process to filter in the best candidates and filter out the bad ones. The best property management companies put an emphasis…

  • Commercial Property Management Software

    Commercial Real Estate Management Software The commercial real estate sector was hit hard during the pandemic and many small retail services businesses suffered badly, some not surviving unfortunately. As we head into 2022, post pandemic, hopefully all local economies in the US, UK, Germany, Canada and Australia will come back to life. Small businesses will…

  • Tenant Retention Strategy | 10 Simple Things You Can Do

    September 21, 2021

    Better Tenant Retention and Lower Churn As the pandemic slowly disappears, moratoriums end, and employment resumes, landlords and apartment managers are seeing higher vacancy rates. Vacancy is impossible to avoid given renters tend to be a transient population. Add on on economic cycles, rising rent prices, and normal life changes, and turnover adds up. It…

  • Built to Rent Housing Market Exploding

    The Built to Rent Revolution Both renters and major investors are showing big interest in the built to rent housing market segment. There are a number of reasons why demand is brisk, such as the lack of house supply, demographics and huge rental demand from prospective home buyers who have good income but can't afford…

  • Apartment Amenity Ideas

    June 04, 2021

    New Amenities for 2022 As the Corona Virus pandemic decreases and restrictions begin to ease, more tenants will be looking to the outdoors and shared outdoor amenities for get togethers. Kids playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, barbecue party areas, swimming pools, garden areas, are all seeing more usage, whether in Florida, or California up to…

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