How to Manage Property Management Staff

January 25, 2023

Improve Staff Performance Our recent Linkedin survey revealed a surprise about property management staff performance. 70% of respondents said the company's performance issues could be solved through more skilled staff. Of all the possible factors for lower performance, they seemed to suggest their employees are a lag on their quest for better performance in 2023.…

  • Property Manager Types

    October 22, 2022

    Which Type of Property Manager Are You? The residential rental real estate industry attracts people from all interests, professions and walks of life. It makes this business more dynamic, interesting and presents new market opportunities to explore. Yet property management is more dynamic and challenging than we may believe. The work of a property manager…

  • Property Manager Overcomes the Odds for Real Success

    Successful Female Property Manager A startup success story is always heart warming and uplifting. Those who overcome challenges to keep progressing to new small business success are true leaders. Entrepreneurs put their heart and soul into their business and a reward is only right. In Entrepreneur Magazine, Andrea Gombalova Stevens, a property management startup owner…

  • 8 Smart Staff Management Tips

    Operational Success: Always Starts with People Whether you’re an experienced Property Manager, or are new to the property management industry, you’ll encounter both expected and unexpected challenges in your daily operations. Those challenges are usually related to occupancy, rent collection, maintenance, tenant issues, and more. Your staff will be responding to and resolving maintenance tickets,…

  • Millennials in Business and Leadership

    May 06, 2018

    100 Million Millennials - Are They Ready to Lead Business? Close to 100 million 18 to 38 year olds comprise what is now the dominant economic force in North America. How this generation is trained and given the reigns of power in business and industry across millions of companies and government departments will affect our…

  • Sorry China, Our Millennial Generation Says it's Their Turn

    March 09, 2018

    Improved Prosperity is Changing the Context North America's Generation Y is the largest most diverse group in history.  The talk about them has been decidedly negative, to the point where one giant media company had to halt their own coverage of Millennials because it was so dour. Big Media lost their objectivity and were merely…

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