The Only Property Management Solution You Need

Property Management Technology Insight, & Trending News While you're keen on finding and subscribing to the ideal property management software, there's a lot going on in the business of property management that may influence your choice. And we've added this new, trending news stores section for property managers, landlords, HOA managers, startup entrepreneurs, and students…

  • Virtual Leasing Apps

    April 20, 2021

    8 Great Virtual Leasing Apps Has leasing become a source of angst and worry for you these past 13 months? If so, it's understandable, given apartment managers have seen vacancy rates rise and Covid 19 lockdown protocols were stiffened. Leasing has to go online and the pandemic has given this dominant trend an accelerating boost.…

  • Best Landlord Apps

    March 29, 2021

    34 Handy Apps for Landlords & Property Managers No property management software does everything a landlord might need. Fortunately, there's a sizable selection of landlord apps, leasing apps,  new property manager apps and other helpful real estate apps to help rental pros fill those service and productivity gaps. Few could have foreseen the huge demand for landlord…

  • Software Landlords and Property Managers Enjoy Using

    Simplicity Makes Users Feel Good What do most people dream of these days? How about a simpler life devoid of friction, long commutes, persistent bills, receipts and problems, and complicated financial transactions? Yes, we live in complicated world. During the pandemic shutdown however, everyone has been reintroduced to the simple life, and how refreshing it…

  • How Local Contractors Can Stay Competitive Against Large Chains

    November 06, 2019

    Small Business Service Contractors At ManageCasa, we understand that it can be tough for a local residential maintenance and service contractor to compete with the large chains. Yet, it might only take some study and little ingenuity to turn the tables in your favor. It's wise to examine these company's strengths and weaknesses and find…

  • ManageCasa's Simplified Accounting Feature

    March 31, 2018

    Keeping Track of Income and Expenses Should be Easy As a property manager or landlord, you have things to buy, places to travel to, repairs to make, supplies to buy, and bills to pay along with processing incoming rent payments and deposits. All those bills, receipts, and other paper documents are your micromanagement pain, yet keeping…

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