NAA Conference - Advocate 2021

NAA Conference - Advocate 2021 There's a lot going on in Washington and your state with respect to how the government represents the interests of landlords and tenants fairly. It's generally believed that Federal and State governments were not playing fair and are instead playing politics at landowners' expense. It's made being a landlord a…

  • United Landlord Action Needed?

    May 26, 2020

    Landlords Getting Connected and Fighting for Rights We hope you're managing well during the pandemic and able to keep cash flowing and avoid the perils that many landlords will face this year. Sometimes handling challenges by yourself is ineffective. But if you join with other landlords, you can better learn your landlord rights and be…

  • Rent Controls in California

    October 31, 2019

    Rent Control's Sad Legacy Claiming More Victims Author Opinion: While few may sympathize with the plight of property investors, the implementation of rent controls quickly degenerates the market for everyone. The long term consequences may be severe for California. The matter of rent controls will be even more contentious in 2020. I thought I'd take…

  • How To Understand Tenant Leases Part 3

    August 19, 2019

    Lease Agreement 101 – Part 3 Following up on our previous posts on tenants lease agreements and tenant lease provisions, we want to explore the tenant lease agreement in greater detail. There are numerous lease provisions which landlords, particularly new landlords aren't fully aware of. Understanding the tenant lease agreement is critical because it is…

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