Rent Prices City by City

February 06, 2024

USA Rent Prices City by City Zumper has released its latest rent price report (January 2024) and it shows rents continuing to flatten in most US cities. Rents in southern cities are falling while rising strongly in some Northern cities. Year over year, rent prices in Cleveland (+18.8%), Milwaukee (+17.9%), Columbus (+16.8%) and Chicago (+16.7%)…

  • Hawaii Housing Market

    January 24, 2024

    Hawaii Real Estate Market Just like Florida or California, there never seems to be a lack of interest in buying a home or property in Hawaii. There is no place like the Hawaiian Islands for Americans (or foreign buyers from Asia). The fact is, this land of paradise has many benefits to offer, such as…

  • Miami Housing Market

    August 31, 2023

    Miami's Magnetic Real Estate Market Florida remains one of the most popular destinations in America and Miami is the city most landlord investors investigate for buying property including rental apartments and condos. The migration to South Florida and Miami, especially for wealthy business owners and investors is noteworthy. A report from SmartAdvisors shows Florida gained…

  • Property Management Conferences and Expos 2024: Dates, Cities, Sessions

    Property Management Conferences, Trade Shows & Expos Looking Ahead to 2024's Conferences! Property management conferences offer us an interesting mix of learning and networking experiences. 2024, the year of the market turnaround will give vendors more opportunity to present the value of their technology and innovation. Below you'll find a full list of 2024 events…

  • US Rents Heat Up in July

    August 27, 2018

    US Apartment Rents Continue Upward Climb Was July's rental market as hot as July's weather in 2018? That might depend on who you ask. Some report strong rent increases in some cities, while others seem to be taking a quick dip. The economy, rental property market participation, new multifamily construction units, and the seasons are…

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