What is a Community Association Manager?

What is a Community Association Manager? To homeowners and residents, a community association management organization can be bewildering or at least confusing. They ponder about what is community association management, what a board is, and what the title manager means? Many won't ask the appropriate questions to give them a clear picture. Other times, the…

  • Accelerate Your Business Growth

    December 16, 2022

    Accelerating Through 2023 Now that we're leaving the Covid pandemic era after 3 years of tough business conditions, you might be looking to establish good goals, get tasks done, and find ways to grow. Perhaps you have a list of tasks to accomplish this year with a few brought forward from 2022. 2023 brings a…

  • ManageCasa's Dedication to Continuous Improvement

    ManageCasa Solving Property Management Challenges Many decades ago, an American named Dr. Edwards Deming helped the Japanese improve their manufacturing capabilities with a new process.  That new process was called Kaizen and became iconic for industries moving into the era of ISO standards. The effect on the Japanese economy was epic and it made them…

  • SaaS for Property Management

    August 25, 2022

    SaaS for Property Managers Tens of thousands of property managers and landlords are pondering the role of technology in their company. What is available, what is affordable, what will actually work? To help move you toward making good technology adoption decisions, we'd like to explore some technologies you should be familiar with known as Software…

  • ManageCasa's Simplified Accounting Feature

    March 31, 2018

    Keeping Track of Income and Expenses Should be Easy As a property manager or landlord, you have things to buy, places to travel to, repairs to make, supplies to buy, and bills to pay along with processing incoming rent payments and deposits. All those bills, receipts, and other paper documents are likely creating significant time…

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