Property Management Trends

May 30, 2022

Trending in Property Management As the rental management industry moves forward on a quicker timeline, it's important for a property manager to develop a strategy to help them anticipate what's ahead, and respond long before events play out. Those trends we've discussed here in past years have deepened. And other changes, challenges and opportunities are…

  • Texas Rental Market

    Texas Rental Market 2021 Of all the demographic and economic shifts taking place in the last 5 years, the housing trends across Texas might be the most noticeable. As the charts and data below reveal, Texas is increasingly seen in the eyes of buyers, investors and renters as a place of growth and opportunity. Home…

  • Apartment Rental Prices USA

    December 02, 2020

    Apartment Rental Prices A trend in rent prices has swept across the  US  (and UK, Germany, Canada, Australia).  Apartment rent prices fell in major cities while house rental prices grew in pandemic destination cities and towns. While rents climb in the pandemic destination cities, apartment rent decreases in urban areas are beginning to moderate. This is…

  • Best Real Estate Investment in Texas

    February 27, 2018

    Texas: Which Cities offer the Best Property Investments? If you've already determined that buying real estate and rental income properties has the best investment return compared to bonds, mutual funds, stock market, gold and a savings account, you only need to figure out which cities are best to buy real estate. Are you considering buying property…

  • Harvard Study Shows the New Renter is Older and Wealthier

    January 19, 2018

    Where are the Opportunities for Rental Property Investment in 2018? A report just released by Harvard University in Boston, entitled AMERICA'S RENTAL HOUSING 2017 is giving us good insight into how the rental property market is changing. And it's revealing trends and potential new opportunities for rental property managers and real estate investors to grow…

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