RealMail™ with Communication Templates

November 21, 2023

Press Release: RealMail(™) with cutting edge Communication Templates Newswire Release on 16 Nov, 2023 : ManageCasa™ releases RealMail(™) with cutting edge Communication Templates for ManageCasa Customers. The newest ManageCasa™ platform service improvement includes cutting-edge Communication Templates & the New RealMail(™) USPS mailing service. This latest feature gives HOA/CAM managers, landlords and property managers a seamless…

  • Rental Property Bookkeeping Tips

    December 01, 2022

    Bookkeeping Tips for New Landlords Managing expenses, receipts, payables, payments, and tax reports is a slightly, unappreciated and neglected task for all small business owners. Getting organized about how you manage your books has many benefits. For property management startups, good bookkeeping is a good habit underpinning a viable, sustainable company. Property managers may learn…

  • Apartment Lease Transfer

    November 09, 2022

    Apartment Lease Transfers With rent prices on the rise, renter employment changes (e.g. remote work situation), income changes, and apartment rental supply dwindling in 2023, we may see more lease terminations. When a tenant is in a bind and must terminate their lease, they'll begin to think creatively, such as finding out how they can…

  • Lease Agreement 101 - Tenant Evictions

    September 26, 2022

    Tenant Evictions As Covid era renter protections end and many renters face paying huge amounts of due rent while not paying current rent, we can expect a surge in evictions. Tenants are often fearful to hear the word of “lease termination” or “eviction’. Yet a landlord can indeed terminate the lease agreement if the tenant…

  • Property Management Documents

    Important Property Management Documents Documentation doesn't get much respect in business, yet in property management, good documentation is not only profitable, it's also required by law. In a digital property management world, everything is documents.   The top property management documents are ones related to the smooth operation of business, responsibilities of landlords and tenants (HOA…

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