12 Ways to Reduce Tenant Churn

December 22, 2021

Reduce Churn and Turnover Costs Have you calculated how much revenue you've lost due to tenant churn over the years?  Some landlords and property manages do have systems to report these losses, but how many are resolving losses from churn? In some states and cities, the issue of tenant turnover is a current matter.  With…

  • Keep Your Work-From-Home Tenants

    March 31, 2021

    Helping Work from Home Tenants We've covered the high cost of tenant turnover, late rent, rent default, and more here on the ManageCasa blog.  For apartment managers, the issue of keeping work at home tenants leased is pressing because they're likely to move. Work at home is great, until the cracks in the beautiful picture…

  • Efficient Property Management

    Efficiency Will be Hot in 2021 If you had a crystal ball, or read the Managecasa blog regularly, you might see the future of property management. It's all built on efficiency with cloud-based property management software as the foundation. Property managers must achieve more profit and do more with less funds, time and other resources.…

  • Property Management Success

    Make Your Property Owners Feel Better Are your property owners complaining about your ability to manage more efficiently during the Corona Virus pandemic? Are they questioning your tenant retention and turnover reduction, rent collection skills, maintenance practices, or your fees? Perhaps their concern is with how their balance sheet looks and whether their properties have a…

  • How To Make Your Tenants Happy

    November 08, 2018

    Business is Never Good Until the Customer is Happy Have you treated your tenants in a professional, businesslike way, and thought everything was fine, but it wasn't? Did they make complaints and eventually vacate the unit? Even very successful business people forget that business is about people. And when people feel good, they might stay…

  • Customer Service Excellence for Property Managers

    August 14, 2018

    Improving Customer Service with ManageCasa In reading a competitor's software reviews, we were amazed at the volume of negative comments regarding their customer service. The disappointment and degree of bitterness expressed by tenants and property managers on review and social media sites was surprising. These were property management company's tenants too, meaning the property management…

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