Census Survey Shows More Renters Not Paying Rent

April 01, 2022

Small Landlords Continue Struggling Unfairly Today's jobs report was a bright sign for the US economy and bolsters hopes for a continuous recovery from the pandemic recession. Yet the CDC has just extended the US government's eviction ban, without providing proper stimulus funding for rental apartment and rental house tenants who need help -- a…

  • Disinfection and Covid 19 Test Kits

    November 18, 2021

    Disinfection & Covid 19 Test Kits As the holiday season approaches, we'll be seeing family and office gatherings larger than normal. And the growth of Covid infections among double vaccinated people might be giving us forewarning of trouble ahead. And since so few people vaccinated against the flu, and immunity weakened after 2 years of…

  • Small Landlords Need Our Support

    September 02, 2021

    Small Landlords Finding Business Tougher Business and personal financial challenges continue to mount up for small to mid-sized landlords as the pandemic continues. Some are losing their investments with no support from government. It's nice that the NAA has taken up the battle against the Federal Government to release funds to help the embattled owners…

  • New CDC Eviction Ban and the State of the Rental Sector

    April 12, 2021

    Small Landlords Pressured to Sell Properties The Covid 19 pandemic stretches on through 2021 and it's still creating a lot of pain for small to mid sized business landlords. The government is responding with some aid, but the relief is for renters, not so much for small business landlords. The US government issued new orders…

  • NAA Fighting the Eviction Moratorium

    NAA Fighting the CDC Eviction Moratorium The Corona Virus workplace shutdowns have brought an unprecedented challenge for the real estate market. These hurdles are growing instead of easing for small to medium-sized landlord businesses. Millions of apartment tenants face a wave of evictions due to the government shutdown decision. Such evictions are something no one wants,…

  • Corona Virus Cleaning

    Covid 19 Cleaning and Disinfection When we first published this post 4 months ago, we mentioned possible terrible results of Covid 19 outbreaks in Florida, South Carolina, Texas and California. That happened. Only slowly have businesses and citizens taken Covid 19 cleaning and disinfection seriously. Now Covid 19 is spreading fast across the US and in…

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