Las Vegas Rental Property Market

April 06, 2022

Las Vegas Housing Market The Las Vegas real estate market is one of the hottest housing markets in the US. The latest sales release shows prices of single detached homes are up 31% YoY, and up 3.61 to an astonishing 4737,949 in February (median price $485,000) and apartment prices rose by 1% to an average…

  • Best Cities to Invest in Rental Property

    March 08, 2022

    Best Places to Buy Rental Property In 2022, US home buyers are under pressure to find a home soon.  Many will not because of low supply, high prices, high financing costs, big down payments, and since more buyers are investors. Competition is intense. And rental property investors are also forced to look widely for the…

  • 12 Ways to Reduce Tenant Churn

    December 22, 2021

    Reduce Churn and Turnover Costs Have you calculated how much revenue you've lost due to tenant churn over the years?  Some landlords and property manages do have systems to report these losses, but how many are resolving losses from churn? In some states and cities, the issue of tenant turnover is a current matter.  With…

  • How To Choose the Best Tenants

    December 03, 2021

    Choosing Great Tenants is Wise Many small to large scale landlords might agree that tenant quality is the lifeblood of most rental property investment strategies. Yet many of you may not have a thorough process to filter in the best candidates and filter out the bad ones. The best property management companies put an emphasis…

  • Best Landlord Apps

    December 01, 2021

    35 Handy Software Apps for Landlords On the hunt for landlord software and property management apps to help you get your work done better and provide a better experience for your tenants? You'll be happy to know we've sourced 35 handy landlord apps to help you fill those productivity gaps. The push to cloud services and…

  • The True Costs of Tenant Turnover

    October 13, 2021

    Rental Unit Turnover and Tenant Churn Now in 2022, we're seeing higher rental apartment and house rental churn rates because people are moving for new employment, lower rents, and making other post pandemic adjustments. Property managers might feel powerless to reduce that occurrence and control the losses for landlord owners. Having to renovate and remodel…

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