Diversify your Rental Property Portfolio

January 08, 2024

Advantages of Diversifying Properties One of the rising trends of the last few years and one picking up steam is the diversification of rental asset portfolios. Residential property investors are reviewing their properties and culling out those that are underperforming or have dim outlooks given the economy, costs, tax and regulatory disadvantages. Aside from technology…

  • Miami Housing Market

    August 31, 2023

    Miami's Magnetic Real Estate Market Florida remains one of the most popular destinations in America and Miami is the city most landlord investors investigate for buying property including rental apartments and condos. The migration to South Florida and Miami, especially for wealthy business owners and investors is noteworthy. A report from SmartAdvisors shows Florida gained…

  • Best Cities to Invest in Rental Property 2023

    April 24, 2023

    Best Places to Buy Property in 2023 Investors are returning to the market this spring, and are considering what the best properties might be and which states and cities they might be found in. Reports in general (some below) show property prices are dropping (some states/cities are enjoying booming growth in yields) and it may…

  • Texas Rental Market

    August 30, 2022

    Texas Housing Market 2022 According to the latest housing market report from Redfin, from July, home prices in Texas rose 11.9% YoY. Home sales slumped 18.4% while the number of homes for sale went in the opposite direction, rising 18.7%. The price of a home for sale across the state rose 11.9% to $371,900 over…

  • How to Buy Property in Berlin’s Housing Market

    July 11, 2019

    How to Buy Berlin Real Estate Berlin is hot. Buyer’s however need to understand the nuances of acquiring houses, apartments and multifamily properties here.  Real estate in Germany is not the same as it is in the US, Canada, or the UK.  It’s wise to understand the peculiar rules, regulations and practices of the Berlin…

  • What Will $250,000 Buy You in U.S. Cities in 2018?

    May 30, 2018

    How Much do You Need to Earn to Buy a Home Now? Can you afford to buy a house or condo in 2018 heading into 2019? Well, the answer might be yes, if you're willing to move or invest somewhere more affordable for you. The US housing market is an interesting one. Another property price…

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